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Can shortarses wear long line jumpers/cardigans?

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JessaJam · 26/09/2006 13:28

Will it increase general stumpiness of appearance?

OP posts:
JessaJam · 26/09/2006 14:10


OP posts:
shazronnieWEARINGSHOES · 26/09/2006 14:13

as a short arse myself i find I look like I've borrowed something that doesn't fit me!

I think if you go long line you must make sure it is no too long, and try to stick to the same colour all over.

JackieNo · 26/09/2006 14:15

And fairly fitted, I'd think. Not too baggy.

JessaJam · 26/09/2006 14:26

At the moment choices seem to be either long line or cropped/waist length. The cropped/waist length versions just chop you in half, don't they? So you look even shorter?

OP posts:
arsenelupin · 26/09/2006 20:56

I'm a pear-shaped short arse so anything [a] without a waist, [b] high collared, [c] baggy around arms and bosom, [d] ending on wobblitastic thigh bits, is .
Much empathy. I tried on the exact same THING in Asda today, and it put me right off my tea, it did.

CurrantBun · 29/09/2006 16:39

Think it depends on your proportions. You can be a short-arse with relatively long legs compared with body, or short legs compared with body. If the latter, don't go for a long-line top as will just make legs look even more disproportionally short.

mothersruin · 29/09/2006 16:55

don't know about the long jumper thing - but is 42 too old for leggings? is it really possible to wear them 2nd time around without looking like 'mutton'?

Greensleeves · 29/09/2006 16:58

Of course they can. If they want to look like Ewoks.

oxocube · 29/09/2006 17:04


Misspiggy · 29/09/2006 17:10

Will watch this one as there's a longline jumper I'm lusting after in Dotty P's.

Think you can get away with the leggings thing in your 40s if your style is usually a bit "quirky" and your legs aren't verging towards the tree trunky end of the scale. Saw Linda Barker in them the other day on TV and she looked great in them and she's 40 something.

PcCOD · 29/09/2006 17:11


PcCOD · 29/09/2006 17:11

and nto if you ahev a big arse

mothersruin · 29/09/2006 17:11

what do you wear on your feet then with 3/4 lenghth leggings- in the winter?

PcCOD · 29/09/2006 17:12

shoe boots apprently
be aware htought hat you may look a total nob

mothersruin · 29/09/2006 17:13

but does that not leave a gap? at ankle level?

PcCOD · 29/09/2006 17:13


mothersruin · 29/09/2006 17:15

good god noooooooooooooooooo!
cold and unsightly!and like an ewok

Mellowma · 29/09/2006 18:20

Message withdrawn

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