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how high(heel) is ok for daytime?

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zoeuk1 · 25/09/2006 10:09

i was wondering how high you would wear your heels during the daytime? do people think that 4 inches is too high? 3 inches too high? etc. im curious. would you wear heels for the school run? are they saved for just a saturday night? at school the other day one of the mums had black patent stilletoes on with cropped trousers. its not very often i see people pushing prams with such high heels on. looked ok though.

OP posts:
mazzystar · 25/09/2006 10:13

I used to wear heels (3" max, I'm 5'8" to start with) every day for work. Now I'm at home I schlep about in Birkies all summer but still wear heeled boots in winter. Not sure about stillettos under any circumstances except for wearing with LBD though.

NomDePlume · 25/09/2006 10:13

It depends on what you wear them with, what you do during the day, and if you are comfortable in that high a heel all day. If you had a smart office job then I would say that a nice pair of heels would be absolutely fine (no open toes though).

I find SAHMs who do the school run in heels a little bit bizarre tbh. But then I'm one of those who doesn't feel that they have to trowel on the make up to pop to the corner shop, so maybe I'm not the best one to ask.

iota · 25/09/2006 10:14

wahtever you can cope with comfort-wise .

I had a friend who worked in a fashion shop and she spent all day on spindly stilletos.

I wear flats or a lowish heel for the school run as it involves a certain amount of walking

tissy · 25/09/2006 10:14

erm, if you want to avoid bunions, ingrowing toenails, corns and other uncomfortable foot problems, keep your heels to an absolute minimum!

I wear absolutley flat shoes all the time, except on very special occasions!

NomDePlume · 25/09/2006 10:15

I thought totally flat shoes were BAD for your feet, I thought a low heel (1" or so) was supposed to be best for supporting the arch properly ?

zoeuk1 · 25/09/2006 10:16

well at the moment im only wearing flip flops. but during the winter i'll sometimes wear high heel boots. i think theres a difference between high heel boots and high heel shoes. dont know why. heeled boots seem to be ok so why not stilletoe shoes?

OP posts:
NomDePlume · 25/09/2006 10:16

The highest heel I wear in the daytime is a kitten heel (autumn/winter boots)

NomDePlume · 25/09/2006 10:17

I agree with the heeled shoes v heeled boots thing, zoe

iota · 25/09/2006 10:17

I seem to be spending quite a lot of time in bare feet - I don't wear shoes in the house (comfort, not houseproudness)

Tutter · 25/09/2006 10:17

depends on what you're wearing, what you're comfortable in, how much walking you do etc etc.

in my 'old life' i wore smallish (maybe 2 inch) heels to work. now i only wear heels out at night, except for chunky heeled boots in the winter with jeans.

NomDePlume · 25/09/2006 10:18

No shoes allowed in our house.

tissy · 25/09/2006 10:20

arches don't need supporting! People who go about barefoot all the time have far better feet than those of us who wear shoes.

A low heel will make the arch more obvious (due to tension in the ligaments of the foot), but feet were designed to be walked on without any extra bits added on.

Have you seen the state Victoria Beckham's feet are in after all that time instilettos- they are a mess!

docket · 25/09/2006 10:21

whatever you feel comfortable in is fine imo. i'm rubbish with heels and can't walk properly in them but have friends who wear massive ones every day. they don't look silly if you're comfortable walking in them, whatever height.

zoeuk1 · 25/09/2006 10:23

im always barefoot in the house. i just meant for things like school run/out for lunch/ just general daytime stuff really. would you think a woman looked a bit silly doing the school run in black stilletos? what if they were heeled boots? im really curious as to what height people wear during daytime.

OP posts:
zoeuk1 · 25/09/2006 10:24

i dont have a foot fetish by the way! im a massive shoe addict though.

OP posts:
anniemac · 25/09/2006 10:35

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

CheesyFeet · 25/09/2006 11:11

The school run in stilettos??? wtf???

Wedgie heels are far more casual than stilettos and much easier to walk in so they would be fine for everyday wear imo.

I have back troubles and can't really walk in heels anyway so I tend to stick to flatties, although I have a pair of gorgeous wedgie sandals for glamming up a bit. The boots I wear in the winter have a 2" heel but that's as high as I go for everyday wear.

maycontainstress · 25/09/2006 13:56

I like my heeled boots. Not the spike heels though because I can't walk in them without bending at the waist, they hurt my feet.

I think a pair of peep toed stilettoes might be slightly ott for the school run, especially if they want a run around the park after school.

I love all footwear. I always look at people's feet.

Bozza · 26/09/2006 09:50

It is not all that straightforward is it. I am wearing two inch heels now sat at my desk. I wouldn't wear these shoes for the school run but have been known to wear them when shopping (as long as I knew it wasn't a marathon session!).

And I wear opentoed shoes for work. It is a business casual dress code so I think they are OK. I don't think I could managed with much higher than a 2/2.5" heel for dealing with the kids TBH. Most of my boots are generally heeled though - although usually a "sensible" heel and I tend to wear the same boots for work/school run/weekend.

crunchie · 26/09/2006 16:20

Sometimes I wear heels for the school run, it depends on my mood tbh. It is usually with jeans though In fact today I wore 4" wedge mule/sandel things as I love them and they are comfortable. WIth my new skinny jeans and a black vest, and brown paint on my arms as I am busy painting woodwork!!

oranges · 26/09/2006 16:53

if you can do the school run in heels and want to, why on earth not? surely a mother can decide whether to risk a few bunions or not.

zoeuk1 · 26/09/2006 19:22

i saw the same mother today who had the patent stilletos on the other day for the school run. today she had black over knee boots on, you know the type with a big turn-over at the top. reminded me of dick whittington.she looked cool tho.

OP posts:
anniemac · 27/09/2006 11:24

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Mascaraohara · 27/09/2006 11:28

I wear any height heel at any time of the day but then I don't really ever wear flat. I tend to disregard shoes/boots cos the heel is too small (I'm also 5'8)

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