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Hair help please

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AvaLou · 22/09/2006 10:41

I have booked a full restyle and colour and have no idea what to go for. My hair is just past shoulder length ,thick, medium brown and slightly wavy and fairly dull atm.
I'm really loving this style , but not sure it will suit me, or what colour to go for.
Any ideas please?

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yorkshirelass79 · 22/09/2006 12:47

Message withdrawn

JollyRogerMamaG · 22/09/2006 12:49

I really like the style on your link, but it looks like it would be quite high maintenance - looks quite big hair! What about MAdonna's new style? I'm thinking of having that (without hte bleach).

What is your colouring (skin / eyes)

AvaLou · 22/09/2006 12:56

Thanks, the thing is my hair is already really big, it's seriously thick and with the natural wave I've got I can't imagine having to do muich except straighten the fringe and tweak the bangs a bit.
Madonnas is a bit too flat for my face I think, but it does look great.
I have olive skin (though it's much paler than usual atm) and blue eyes. My hair is dull brown but I might go for a caramelish tint with some subtle highlights.
I thought this style would really compliment the new autumn things I've bought, sweater dresses, boots and slightly sixties tailoring etc. Or would it be overkill? LOL

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brimfull · 22/09/2006 13:00

I too have wavy hair and had it cut into a bob during the heatwave in the summer.It is really easy to maintain and I love it.I just bow dry the fringe straightish and then blast the roots and tada!
Go for it!

JollyRogerMamaG · 22/09/2006 13:10

Like the sound of the colour with your colouring, just think that this style will need to be styled IYKWIM - you couldn't just leave it or your wavy hair would go TOO big

AvaLou · 22/09/2006 13:19

I suppose the hairdresser can advise me. I've gotten fairly slack with styling, as with my hair at the moment I can just wash it and leave it to air dry with a bit of serum on it and it looks fine.
Most days I won't get the chance, or have the inclination, to mess around with it so it has to be fairly low maintenance.

OP posts:
AvaLou · 22/09/2006 13:20

But then most hairdressers seem to have a wildly different perception of 'low maintenance' to mine, LOL.

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