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Advice needed!!!!!!!!!!!

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flumpybono73 · 21/09/2006 23:04

Hi, am possibly going out this weekend since having my daughter 3 months ago!! I normally dress quite casual - jeans and a nice top - but am unsure which jeans are actually in at the mo.... am only 5 foot 1 if that helps...

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hermykne · 21/09/2006 23:05

boot cut always in
skinny leg will not be in next year if you are buying.

flumpybono73 · 21/09/2006 23:08

Hi hermykne, was thinking bout skinny but reckon I'm too short. I guess the boyfriend cut will be a no-no? Have lost most of the weight but have a slight jelly belly....!

OP posts:
hermykne · 21/09/2006 23:10

no boyfriemd cut they make you look small, get the boot legs and one of those trendy longish tops to disguise the muffin for now

flumpybono73 · 21/09/2006 23:18

cheers, will do - have u been watchin how to look good naked by any chance? hadn't heard of muffin or bangers til i watched it

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