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What's your favorite on-line shops for trendy baby clothes ?

8 replies

MamanFlo · 18/09/2006 20:51


I am looking for new trendy clothes for my baby girl. Do you have any website/brand to recommend ?

thanks a lot !!!


OP posts:
cheeseandonion · 19/09/2006 07:22


biglips · 19/09/2006 07:25

defo vertbaudet as i rcvd a booklet and the clothes are awesome!

MamanFlo · 08/10/2006 21:30

thanks a lot for vertbaudet : I know this brand very well , it's french

If any of you have other ideas, I am all ears


OP posts:
NotQuiteCockney · 08/10/2006 21:40

Du Pareil au Meme. Again, french. Very lovely.

NotQuiteCockney · 08/10/2006 21:40

(Have a look, the clothes are great, they do beautiful girly clothes in greens and browns and stuff ... I'm forever buying their stuff as gifts for people back home ...)

Piffle · 08/10/2006 21:41

yep DPAM
petit bateau - new potatoes = gorgeous clothes

BATtymumma · 08/10/2006 21:44

La redoute do some nice things but there isn't too much to choose from.

pumkin patch is one of my fave shops for girls clothes that aren't cheap and tacky, not sure if they have an online store though

EnormousChangesAtTheLastMinute · 08/10/2006 21:55

Nordic kids ; love their cloud design, here
also like a baby leg warmers... for autumn!
Green baby: for toy veg...
also general stuff, clothes too
and if you remember lambchop and have deep pockets... couverture
I could go on...

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