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Should leather shoes peel?

4 replies

leander · 18/09/2006 16:41

Sounds like a daft question but Ds came home from school today and all the front of his shoe has peeled.I thought leather would just scuff not actually peel off.So before I make a fool of myself and take them back I thought I would check with the wise ones on whether this would normally happen.

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MrsBadger · 18/09/2006 16:44

Never seen this before in all my years of shoes! Where were they from? How did he treat them? If you (eg) trip up a step or over something with an edge it can kind of gouge the top layer of leather and scrape it into a lump, if you catch my drift.
But haven't seen shoes peel of their own accord!

leander · 18/09/2006 16:49

They are from M+s, he has scraped them but I still would have thought they would scuff rather than peel what do you reckon should I take them back?

OP posts:
MrsBadger · 18/09/2006 16:56

IME scuffs come from dragging toes, falling over on a flat surface etc, but falling up a step / over the edge of sandpit or similar can cause a gouge.
Worth a try in M&S but I reckon they'd say it was normal wear and tear.

leander · 18/09/2006 16:58

he says he has dragged his feet,deffo hasn't fell up a step or anything.probably just trying my luck but they are only 2 weeks old and dont really want to have to fork out another£16 i'm just glad i didnt fork out on Clarks.

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