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where can i buy ds football kit online?

10 replies

stitch · 16/09/2006 20:38

please? my usual online shops dont seem to sell any, and as i want to use dh credit card for this, will need to do so online.
what websites would you reccomend?

OP posts:
stitch · 16/09/2006 20:39

o, and for some reason, he wants the french team??????

OP posts:
foxinsocks · 16/09/2006 20:40

there's, and prob some of the normal high street sport's shops?

southeastastra · 16/09/2006 20:41


stitch · 16/09/2006 20:43

aha, thanks fox
southy, i tend to stay clear of ebay, as cant use dh's card there!

OP posts:
stitch · 16/09/2006 20:46

thirty quid for a childs tshirt?

OP posts:
juicychops · 16/09/2006 21:08 is good. bought a load of footie kit gear on there the other day for dp's boys. arrived 2 days later

mrsdarcy · 16/09/2006 22:42

Is there anywhere you can get them cheaper? £30 seems awfully expensive for something so badly made and so hideous, but DS1 is desperate for one.

UrsulatheSeaWitch · 16/09/2006 22:50

Cheapest place generally is Sportsworld/Sportssoccer - but their shops tend to be cheaper than their website.

football kit online - they don't appear to have France, stitch (but do in shops - but may be only mens' sizes)

mrsd, what team does yours want?

mrsdarcy · 17/09/2006 09:24

He says he wants Chelsea but we live in Liverpool so he might get lynched

Anything cheap, as far as I'm concerned!

leander · 18/09/2006 09:52

dont do it, dont buy him a chelsea kit.

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