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i want some combats

25 replies

lou33 · 13/09/2006 22:27

i am a size 8, or about age 14 in kids

any recommendations?

havent seen any i am too taken with so far

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Beauregard · 13/09/2006 22:28

Next do some nice ones

lou33 · 13/09/2006 22:32

wheb=never i see your name i am reminded of someone on another site called pelvicboogie

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lou33 · 13/09/2006 22:33


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moondog · 13/09/2006 22:34

Look at Joe Brown catalogue.
Lots of cool (and pretty cheap) stuff of this sort.

paddingtonbear1 · 13/09/2006 22:55

I would second Joe Browns, I had some from there and they were fine. Also River Island do good combats, and Gap have some in at the moment!

lou33 · 13/09/2006 23:49

looked at joe brown, but didnt see anything that took my fancy

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MamaMaiasaura · 14/09/2006 00:21

not to sound chavvy but Tescos doing some nice soft ones.. in grey and brown. Very comfy, I think they look nice and wash easy. cheap too

incy · 14/09/2006 08:40

What about white stuff land girl pants or fat face Dijon trouser

wondermummy · 14/09/2006 09:37

Hello - does good looking and comfy combat trousers - worth checking out...

lou33 · 14/09/2006 09:48

tesco dont have a clothing section in my local stores

i like those links, the fat face and white stuff, but i wont pay that much

i am difficult

OP posts:
FoghornLeghorn · 14/09/2006 09:49

River Island is where I alwasy get my combats from - expensive but worth it i think. Just the right bagginess (sp ?) for me

lou33 · 14/09/2006 09:52

i can fit kids clothing as well

in fact i need to return some jeans i got in new look aged 14-15 cos they are too big, i wonder if they have anything there?

OP posts:
bundle · 14/09/2006 09:53

H&M is usually good for that kinda stuff

lou33 · 14/09/2006 09:58

dont have one round here

OP posts:
Gobbledigook · 14/09/2006 10:03

The nicest combats are Bench ones I think. I love mine. They are about £50 though.

lou33 · 14/09/2006 10:04

fifty quid?

OP posts:
mellowma · 14/09/2006 10:56

Message withdrawn

lou33 · 14/09/2006 11:13

i thought they stopped doing clothes online?

OP posts:
NotSoMellowma · 14/09/2006 11:26

Oh maybe they have. I am so not uptodate wth on-line shopping. Only ebay. Just thought I would mentioned Tesco as I love combats and dont get to shops much so bought 3 pairs when I done my last shop there. So adventourous with clothes me (smile)

Sheila · 14/09/2006 13:35

Dorothy Perkins do nice ones - I bought a pair in size 12 - v. nice fit. Web site here: look under casual trousers .

lou33 · 14/09/2006 17:03

i quite liked some of those, i wonder if they are hipster ones, i like my skirts/trousers to sit on my hips

good price too

OP posts:
Sheila · 15/09/2006 14:56

Hi Lou - they are hipsters but not VERY low. Sit just below waist I'd say. Go try them!

lou33 · 15/09/2006 19:38

i ended upi getting a couple of pairs in the kids dept at new look

one for a tenner and a pair in a sale for 6 quid

OP posts:
Mellowma · 15/09/2006 19:48

Message withdrawn

lou33 · 15/09/2006 20:06

i had a bit of a shopping frenzy, i bought a dress and some mew undies as well

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