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new boden catalogue just arrived...

6 replies

alexsmum · 04/09/2006 12:41

and my god it's irritating.what's with all this 'fun' skirt,'fun' jumper crap?

and lots of the stuff is horrid too.and overpriced.


OP posts:
alexsmum · 04/09/2006 12:49

and what is with the foul green and red tights on page 198?

OP posts:
mummydoc · 04/09/2006 12:51

and where is the french collar cardigan gone - i live in mine ( only occasionally needs a wash) am i being thick but sure it is not there ?

alexsmum · 04/09/2006 12:53

can't see it but have just found a 'good mood't-shirt.fgs.

OP posts:
hermykne · 04/09/2006 12:54

alexsmum - its a real let down this season alright.
and overpriced - getting worse

you need the 10% off if u were going to buy

cupcakes · 04/09/2006 12:59

they've replaced the French Collar with this

mummydoc · 04/09/2006 16:46

oh i am really cross now - the replacement for the french collar cardy is hte same as the "curvy" collar cardy and i have one of htose from last season and to be honest it looks dreadful on me and is too heavy and warm, i wonde rif i could petiton them to bring back the original.

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