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Boden - v-neck tops?

2 replies

JonesTheSteam · 02/09/2006 18:33

Has anyone bought one of the classic marled V-neck tops from Boden here?

Are they any good - worth the money?
Are they quite fitted?


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JonesTheSteam · 02/09/2006 18:59


OP posts:
housemum · 02/09/2006 19:38

I did try one at the start of the catalogue's season - it was OK but didn't feel particularly "special" - thought it was no better than what I could probably pick up cheaper in M & S or somewhere. I do like Boden stuff, but this didn't feel like fab quality so I was disappointed.

Try one when there's a free-postage-and-returns-offer on. I order a ton of stuff at the beginning of the season, and keep the best, note what is "worth-it-if-it's-left-in-the-sale", and remember what I didn't like!

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