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What should I wear? : Posh dinner in 5 star hotel followed by outdoor activities in Edinburgh (chilly!)

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Northerner · 29/08/2006 16:16

Going on Sunday night staying at gorgeous hotel (very posh restaurant) having dinner then off to princess St bandstand for fireworks and philharmonic orchestra. Itinerary says wrap up warm.

Can't think what to wear, somthing nice for dinner attire will not be warm.

OP posts:
CountessDracula · 29/08/2006 16:18

Just take a warm winter coat and wear over whatever you wear to dinner

MrsBadger · 29/08/2006 16:20

add a pashmina or a fur collar thing if your winter coat is looking a bit elderly and/or less than glamourous

and wear trous and proper shoes for the dinner, cold feet no fun

CountessDracula · 29/08/2006 16:21

or wear long boots and a skirt/dress for the dinner

fullmoonfiend · 29/08/2006 16:22

You lucky thing!

Layers is the key,
Have you got any leggings/footless tights to put on under posh dress/trousers after dinner?
Take a hat, ot head covering, as if your head is warm, rest tends to stay warmer too.

Northerner · 29/08/2006 16:28

Hmmm. I have long boots and a few wrap dresses, that's an option I guess. Plus winter coat and hat and scarf.

How cold will Edinburgh be FGS on Sunday?!

OP posts:
CountessDracula · 29/08/2006 16:30

it could be minus 50

they don't call it chilly jock land for nowt you know

Northerner · 29/08/2006 16:49

Ok, think I will wear black wrap dress, patterned tights, black knee high boots, red double breasted wool winter coat, black hat and gloves.

I'm so excited.

OP posts:
deegward · 29/08/2006 16:53

Yes fireworks nights can be very chilly, you need to do the layers, as when sitting in band stand you get very cold.

Think trousers, boots, top, and then coat with pashmina etc. People will prob laugh, but as someone who has done it, you will have th last laugh when you are cosy as toast in the gardens.

Enjoy, very jealous, did this 6 years ago when ds was but a babe.

deegward · 29/08/2006 16:54

sorry took too long to type, perfect!!!!!!!

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