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Need a strapless bra with see through middle?

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Blossomhill · 24/08/2006 20:39

After my Asos disaster have found another top that I really like. The only problem is it is quite low cut and a halter neck.
Spoke to the girl in the shop and she said I would have to wear without a bra. Hello? I am nearly 32 and have had 2 kids, I need to wear a bra!
Just wondering if anyone knows anywhere I can get a strapless bra with the middle of bra see through (cleavage part)?

Not even sure if they exist but thought someone on MN may know

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SoupDragon · 24/08/2006 20:40

the stick on ones??

Blossomhill · 24/08/2006 20:42

sd - oh yes I have one of those. Only thing is they do tend to push your boobs into a funny shape!

OP posts:
SoupDragon · 24/08/2006 20:43

Masking tape?

Aren;t there stick on ones that are more like a proper cup rather than just sticky tape. La Senza I think.

SoupDragon · 24/08/2006 20:45

How about this?

SoupDragon · 24/08/2006 20:46

It's not see through but looks really low in the middle.

Blossomhill · 24/08/2006 20:47

Thanks sd that looks like what I need

OP posts:
SoupDragon · 24/08/2006 20:48

Comes with removable air pads for extra norkage

Blossomhill · 24/08/2006 20:50

HERE Do you think that one looks low?

OP posts:
Blossomhill · 24/08/2006 20:50

lol sd I do need extra as only a c cup!

OP posts:
SoupDragon · 24/08/2006 20:53

Looks low to me - good that it comes with halter next straps too. Can you buy the top and take it with you to a La Senza to try the bra withit? Return the top if it won't work.

Mind you, I'm wearing nursing bras so anything looks low to me at the moment. And I don't need removable air pads

Blossomhill · 24/08/2006 20:55

hehe sd. I remember after having ds I would have givne Jordan a run for her money!

I like that bra because it is so versatile.

OP posts:
Blossomhill · 25/08/2006 11:42

Any more before I head to La Senza?

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