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Where can I buy flat bed toe post flipflops online pleeeeeeeeeeeease?

15 replies

charmkin · 23/08/2006 18:47

mine are quite minging and stinky and I cannot face traipsing round the sales only to find size 3 or size 7 .............

OP posts:
incy · 23/08/2006 18:50

any particular brand?

charmkin · 23/08/2006 18:53

um well birky looky likeys I suppose. not sure

OP posts:
charliecat · 23/08/2006 18:53

No idea about shoes though!

charliecat · 23/08/2006 18:54

what size are you?

charmkin · 23/08/2006 18:54

who me? wondering about me?

OP posts:
charmkin · 23/08/2006 18:54

5 and a half or 6

OP posts:
incy · 23/08/2006 18:55
charmkin · 23/08/2006 18:55

what was i gutted about - school?

OP posts:
charliecat · 23/08/2006 18:57

broom broom

incy · 23/08/2006 18:57


charmkin · 23/08/2006 18:58

cried a river

Then booked another test and finally clicked how to park in a bloody bay.

But woo hoo thank you so much for remembering! and sorry for not knowing, are you learning or have you passed?

OP posts:
charliecat · 23/08/2006 18:59

birks on ebay

charmkin · 23/08/2006 18:59

thanks incy am dribbling over heidi klum ones and well done on links ( i can't do them)

OP posts:
charliecat · 23/08/2006 19:00

I am 2 failed ones behind me, another booked for next saturday.
Once youve clicked with the parking it seems mad that it seemed so hard before!

charmkin · 23/08/2006 20:33


what did you fail on? Is it just nerves?

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