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Haven't had a what are you wearing thread for a while...........

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Northerner · 18/08/2006 10:43

Having a lazy day at home today with supermarket trip later today so I'm wearing my comfy juicy tracksuit, white cotton vest and pink indian slippers. Will don baseball cap when I leave the hosue as it is chucking it down.

How about you?

OP posts:
crazydazy · 18/08/2006 10:47

Just wearing my jeans and a England Football t-shirt, nothing fancy.

Is that Juicy Coiture Northerner? You must be loaded!!!

tortoise · 18/08/2006 10:48

Next Jeans and a jumper cos its gone chilly.

kiskidee · 18/08/2006 10:49

long sleeved tee and jeans. about to put on shoes and fleece to go to the garage and load the dryer. it's pissing down here and when it isn't very heavy fog.

ledodgyrobespierre · 18/08/2006 10:49

I'm wearing jeans with an 8-s style long line grey t-shirt top that has a thick band at the bottom and birkenstocks. I've got to walk to my friend's in a bit and am going to get very, very wet as I have no coat!

ledodgyrobespierre · 18/08/2006 10:49

*80's style

Nemo1977 · 18/08/2006 10:49

ermmm all in pjs still here apart from dh who has gone to work.

anniemac · 18/08/2006 10:51

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

crazydazy · 18/08/2006 10:52

That sounds very elegant Anniemac - am afraid I can never manage to look elegant in any way.

anniemac · 18/08/2006 10:54

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

PinkTulips · 18/08/2006 10:56

faded pink pj bottoms soaked in baby pee and milk, faded blue string top with huge breast stains down the front and pink and grey stripey slippers which also had milk spilled on them thanks to dd....... can you tell i've just had a baby?!

IdrisTheDragon · 18/08/2006 10:57

I am still wearing my nighty .

And DS and DD haven't got dressed yet either .

twinsetandpearls · 18/08/2006 10:58

am typing my essay in my knickers and a t shirt

anniemac · 18/08/2006 10:59

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

JessaJam · 18/08/2006 11:00

at work
Long brown linen (mix) skirt
Purple/pink coloured hemp/cotton mix long sleeve top
Black trainer style velcro fastening shoes (??? were in fashion about 12-18 months ago! Bit like 'pumps') (were the only shoes I could find/own that are not too wintery for august but would not leave me with frozen toes!!!)

theflumpsmum · 18/08/2006 11:01

just back off hols so its a case of whatevers clean or in my wardrobe.
so its black combats,a white vest with a green vest over the top and my dunlops.

Tutter · 18/08/2006 11:03

7 for all mankind jeans
brown t-shirt from next (hate next but this is nice)
and expecting-period pants

fairydust · 18/08/2006 11:06

white m&s underwear.
grey next cropped combats
black m&s fitted v-neck top

HonorMatopoeia · 18/08/2006 11:10

PMSL 'expecting period pants' I have those too - could fit most of Vanessa Feltz in them (not that I'd want her there you understand!).
I'm in jeans (only next - and ancient next at that), white vest, sainsbo's hoodie style cardi. Oh, and socks from the Body Shop that you put on after you've slathered your feet in cream!

twinsetandpearls · 18/08/2006 11:29

I have ny period pants on, and am not on my period just too absorbed in my work to put on decent clothing.

It is also Friday when dp comes home early for a bit of hanky panky while dd is at nursery. My big grey period pants should put him off so I can get this essay done

themoon66 · 18/08/2006 11:46

Am currently wearing cream trousers from M%S, a black fitted short sleeved shirt from M&S, my bra (black) and knickers (white), ive just realised, are also from M&S... and a little pair of black leather pumps with bows on the front from Brantano.

Nemo1977 · 18/08/2006 11:50

ok am now dressed in black cotton pants with dragon embroirded onto left leg and a grey long sleeve top. Nothing too exciting.

TambaIsInTheClique · 18/08/2006 11:50

Currently wearing 'Play with me' Hotpants and Vest from Ann Summers but thats cause I slept in them last night and am not dressed yet

twinsetandpearls · 18/08/2006 11:53

THere is always one who lowers the tone of a thread.

CheesyFeet · 18/08/2006 12:27

At work but 'tis Dress Down Friday so bootleg jeans, red tshirt and my lovely K-swiss trainers newly aquired from ebay.

doggiesayswoof · 18/08/2006 12:48

At work (dress code here is smart but not formal - can be a nightmare to get right)
Black M&S t-shirt (wide v-neck)
Deep pink/wine(?) knee length full skirt (but not gyppo!)
Nude fishnets
Black wedges with ankle strap
Next bra, stripy M&S pants

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