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Bedroom decoration

11 replies

babyonboard · 10/08/2006 15:18

We are soon to relocate our bedroom and our currnt one will becoma DS's nursery.
So far we have oak flooring and matching slat blinds/shutters in there and bright white walls
The plan was an off white paint, with the chimney breast wallpapered in this , a big pale greyish turquoisish rug ( like this , and our (wooden framed) bed with off white, baby blue, same greeny greyish colour and black bedlinin/ pillows/ cushions
But now it all seems a bit safe and contrived. Any opinions?

Plus we have a fab bright red and black acrylic chest of drawers (better than it which just won'e go with the room and so will have to be in the nursery ..even though I love it and want it in our room. argh!

It's so hard starting a room from scratch as all our others have just evolved over time, and I hate rooms that seem to 'styled'

OP posts:
twinsetandpearls · 10/08/2006 15:22

Sounds very nice to me, love the wallpaper. You can always loosen the scheme with soft furnishings.

twinsetandpearls · 10/08/2006 15:23

Oooh but i do love the sound of your acrylic drawers, i love red and black.

JackieNo · 10/08/2006 15:26

It sounds very calm and lovely to me, but I see what you mean about the chest of drawers - could you do creams with splashes of red, to get it in? But then that wouldn't be so relaxing. Can you use the chest of drawers downstairs, where you can enjoy it more and stay with the original plan for the bedroom?

babyonboard · 10/08/2006 15:28

lol thanks, they are amazing, we got them at greenwich antiques market looking unloved and covered in dust/ polish smears. They were a real bargain!

Glad you like the wallpaper too, I love it! though would be very costly to do a whole room!

I guess I have to accept it will look contrived as it's a brand new room, and maybe it'll evolve soon too..

(and of course , ruining the colour scheme, there will be dp's dirty shirts/ socks / ties and random magazines all over the

OP posts:
babyonboard · 10/08/2006 15:30

hmm we could have the chest of drawers in the living room as it would fit right in, but then it's a bit of an odd place for

It will be fab in the nursery however, as we are planning really bright colours (including pillar box red rubber flooring..yay!)

OP posts:
babyonboard · 10/08/2006 15:49

no more opinions!? Maybe it is dull! lol

OP posts:
JackieNo · 10/08/2006 15:50

Mmm - love the sound of the red rubber flooring.

babyonboard · 10/08/2006 15:55

heeee.. it's going to be fab! if it looks good we'll have it in the bathroom too

OP posts:
MrsBadger · 10/08/2006 16:13

Love the colours but not sure I'd match as many things as you mentioned - love the wallpaper but think having white, blue grey and black linen to match might be a bit much - maybe just get one or two of those colours and see how it looks?
Personally I'd start with all plain white linen and add coloured pieces later if I felt it needed it.

babyonboard · 10/08/2006 16:17

ooh no, white linen is no good with a messy DP and 8mo DS
as much as I love it..

OP posts:
MrsBadger · 10/08/2006 16:17

well, maybe all blue-grey then? you get my drift, anyway

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