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next free dlivery codes please

12 replies

ocd · 04/08/2006 16:49

mine dont work
i want those jeans kelly has
they look GREta ona dn are so soft

OP posts:
cupcakes · 04/08/2006 17:14

Anyone? I need a code too to buy all my maternity clobber.
Will a discount work if I order and pay with card or do I need to set up account (I am very reluctant to have to pay for a catalogue). If I do set up an account will I get sent offers?

Mercy · 04/08/2006 17:27

Cod, which jeans do you mean?

Cupcakes, I've had a next account for a while now. As far as I can remember, when I ordered stuff an account was set up automatically. I don't pay for the catalogue btw but I don't think there are many offers. But I think I opted out of email offers so I could be totally wrong.

Where do people get discount codes from? Via email?

cupcakes · 04/08/2006 17:36

I think I had a non-account account (iykwim!) a while ago when I ordered some flowers but since then my friend has ordered for me from her catalogue. I never get any offers or mailings of any sort.

ocd · 04/08/2006 17:50

L8001 works for me

OP posts:
cupcakes · 04/08/2006 21:33

will try - thanks.

NorfolkTurkey · 05/08/2006 22:42

I've used L7007 so many times I've lost count!

paddingtonbear1 · 09/08/2006 00:06

Just used L8001 successfully to order an interview suit. Thanks cod!

CodGuevara · 09/08/2006 09:49


Kelly1978 · 09/08/2006 09:54

jeans mercy

I'll have to try 8001 next time, 7000 already stopped workign for me. Is there a limit to the number of times you can use them?

cucakes, if you phone and order you can pay by card, I've done it in the past. I think online has to be with an account. You could jsut pay it off straightaway though.

CodGuevara · 09/08/2006 09:55

kelly i normally get long but regular were long enoguh fro me
what did oyu get

Kelly1978 · 09/08/2006 10:14

I got long which are normally right. On these they are a bit long on me, like they supposed to be. They jsut touch the floor a bit.

CodGuevara · 09/08/2006 19:39

regular seem to do that on me an i am a 31 inch incide legf

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