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Bring on the Autumn. I've had enough of sweating like a pig and I want to wear new clothes.

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cupcakes · 28/07/2006 16:29

Want new leather boots and have seen some really nice cords in the Next (maternity) catalogue plus a pretty green tank top with a shirt fitted underneath.
I want to get them now but fear I will just be looking at them longingly for weeks and weeks and weeks.

OP posts:
crazydazy · 28/07/2006 16:31

I know what you mean, I really want to wear my new jeans that I bought just before the hot weather and haven't had chance yet as I will be far too warm in them!!! Am going out tonight and haven't a clue what to wear as I have no nice dresses.

mazzystar · 28/07/2006 16:34

oh yes

winter clothes are so much more glam than summer.

up the duff though, suspect it will be a lot of stretch jersey for me.

cupcakes · 28/07/2006 16:35

me too, mazzystar. Hence my huge surprise at finding something I actually liked.

OP posts:
cupcakes · 28/07/2006 16:37

I like the outfit on the right with the green tank top

OP posts:
mazzystar · 28/07/2006 16:44

that's really nice, great colour. i really like that skirt too. i never usually go in next, but will have to have a wee look when i'm in town.

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