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Come here and give me your opinion.

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flutterbee · 25/07/2006 20:48

OK I make no secret of the fact that I am a larger, OK fat lady, but I have at the moment a diet and excersize plan to hopefully make me drop at least 4 dress sizes by Christmas (I am that big this should be doable).

Now the reason I am posting in style is because I was out shopping with my Mum today and we saw a beautiful Mac in the Marks and Sparks sale, the problem is that the largest size left is still yes you guessed it 4 sizes too small. It really is very very nice and I loved it straight away my Mum tried to talk me into getting it but something just stopped me doing it.

Please tell me next time I am in town shall I get it and shrink into it or should I just forget it and go shopping when I am smaller.

Come on all opinions are wanted.

They also had the most gorgeous pair of green shoes that I am tempted to get in a size smaller. I'm going to see if I can find pics for you.

OP posts:
MaloryTowers · 25/07/2006 20:50

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

flutterbee · 25/07/2006 20:58

Cant find pics of either of them on their wesite at all

Do you really think I shouldn't get it then, thats what the little voice kept saying in my head, they always say you should trust your first instinct.

OP posts:
flutterbee · 25/07/2006 20:59

Oh sorry I am determined about the weight and I am thinking about weight watchers the last time I had a big fitness drive (about 6 years ago) I went and ended up loosing about 5 and a half stone. Shame its all back on now though, congratulate your friend for me.

OP posts:
Feistybird · 25/07/2006 21:02

Flutterbee - it's in the sale, yes?
Would it be an incentive to you or a constant reminder that you'd not done as well as you wanted to?

I think it depends on what it means to you, if you were to buy it.

jollyfolly · 25/07/2006 21:07

if you bought it and did not fit into it by christmas you could always give it to your mum as a present!... good luck with the weight loss

flutterbee · 25/07/2006 21:07

Yes its in the sale and that is the main reason why I was pondering over it.

I wasn't really thinking of it as an incentive as looking good and being healthy for bringing up ds is a huge incentive and then on the other side no it wouldn't make me feel bad if I didn't reach that goal.

Its just in the sale and soooooooo nice and pretty.


OP posts:
flutterbee · 25/07/2006 21:08

jollyfolly -- it would still be far too big for my Mum she is a skiny milinky, damn her.

OP posts:
SSSandy · 25/07/2006 21:10

Don't get smaller shoes

Spend the money on highlights or new make-up, something that will make you look better now. When you're 4 sizes smaller , you'll be breaking the bank anyway buying everything in sight

flutterbee · 25/07/2006 21:14

I do need a hair cut asap, yes you are all right.

The reason I was going to get shoes a size smaller is because when you get to the size I am your feet are even fat and you generally need to go up a size, shocking and sad I know.

OP posts:
jollyfolly · 25/07/2006 21:15

agree with sssandy.... get your self something to make you feel good now.... there will be the january sales to think about by christmas!....

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