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white broderie anglais dresses or similar? . . .

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ellenrose · 25/07/2006 16:53

Is it too late to find a nice summer dress? I wanted one like in the picture monsoon white dress (you need to click on Womens to get to the right one but wierdly the pages had the same url) - but they do not seem to sell it!

anyone seen any anywhere else?

OP posts:
airy · 25/07/2006 17:17

I've just bought a lovely broderie anglais dress in asda today, not exactly like that one, it's full length and has spaghetti straps but it is lovely and was only £20 bargain!

megglevache · 25/07/2006 17:18

Message withdrawn

BonyM · 25/07/2006 17:21

I've just bought one in Next - shirt-dress style with tie round the waist.

poisson · 25/07/2006 17:24

i tried it ont he monsoon one
perfect in a 12 but the button ont eh bust in wrong place

MrsBadger · 25/07/2006 17:41

The Monsoon dress is this one, isn't it? Maybe not...
Dorothy Perkins has two white broderie dresses on their website (no links as it's all Flash), and Miss Selfridge has a white lace dress that's a similar shape as well as a full-skirted broderie one.

All the Next online stuff is autumn/winter (grr), but Debenhmas have a couple here and here

poisson · 25/07/2006 17:52

no it wasa button thrpugh

Tutter · 25/07/2006 17:56

cod are you sure it wasn't your bust that was in the wrong place?

poisson · 25/07/2006 17:57

am trying to kid myself htat it wasnt
otehrwise it looked great to wear to a........hmm haev NO ide here id wear a vigrinal white dress

megglevache · 26/07/2006 09:47

Message withdrawn

bubblerock · 26/07/2006 10:01

There are quite a few white dresses on asos

This is quite pretty for £15

ellenrose · 26/07/2006 15:35

Thanks everyone

Debenhams are having problems with their site but will try and look at those later Mrs Badger. I thought that about the monsoon one but it seems to have grey so think I might have missed out on that one - with or without the bust button problem

bubblerock - hadn't come across asos before so going through those now - thanks so much

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