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What are these new shoes my mum was going on about?

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naswm · 21/07/2006 22:09

Sonething called 'gosh' or something like that? And they are plastic and bright colours?

I know I am frumpy and really shouldnt be in here at all, but I'd like to know!


OP posts:
SherlockLGJ · 21/07/2006 22:10

Crocs ??

SherlockLGJ · 21/07/2006 22:11


expatinscotland · 21/07/2006 22:12


naswm · 21/07/2006 22:13

crocs yes that was it. I'll check out the lnk. But what do people think of them? Are they 'in' or not??

OP posts:
naswm · 21/07/2006 22:14

ooooo they are different arent they?! Where do they sell them? and are they expensive??

And more importantly shoud I get some? lol

OP posts:
SherlockLGJ · 21/07/2006 22:14

They are in, but I can't help feeling that feet would get sweaty in them. But EPIS is here, she knows best.

Blondilocks · 21/07/2006 22:15

Are they really made of plastic?

I hadn't heard of them til the other day on here, but there's now an ad for them in my local paper!

naswm · 21/07/2006 22:15

I am such an old fogey. It is laughable. While my about to retire mother is reliving her youth!

OP posts:
Fastasleep · 21/07/2006 22:15

Oh dear god they're vile... whatever happened to stylish feminitity?

expatinscotland · 21/07/2006 22:16

grab some popcorn and read one of the funniest threads on MN, right up there w/'dampknickers'.


expatinscotland · 21/07/2006 22:16

they're made of resin.

naswm · 21/07/2006 22:16

I think I'd look hilarious in a pair - making me smile think about it! CAnt say I've seen people wearing them, but I dont really take much notice in what people wear!

Still cant belive I am in the 'style' threads!

OP posts:
Fastasleep · 21/07/2006 22:17

You don't realise how much faff these shoes have caused me, twenty minutes of my life wasted convincing someone not to buy the vilest coloured version....

emsiewill · 21/07/2006 22:21

When we were in the US earlier this year, everyone was wearing them. I didn't like them then, and I don't like them now...

naswm · 21/07/2006 22:21

thanks for the link - laughed out loud a few times!

OP posts:
naswm · 21/07/2006 22:21

lol FA

OP posts:
alp · 21/07/2006 22:47

i saw these in the US too - they were around everywhere and seemed to be what you wear after skiing (that joyous bit when you get your boots off) and even do them in little sizes for kiddies.

heiferjamese · 21/07/2006 23:27

My DH gopping, for gods sake don't wear white socks with them....

Not that I would usually ask him for fashion advise.... Just wanted a laugh...

Can't believe anyone actually bought a pair...

NotAnOtter · 21/07/2006 23:29

heifer are you in yorkshire?

cremolafoam · 21/07/2006 23:47

oh no not another croc thread

heiferjamese · 22/07/2006 00:52

notanotter - no wiltshire, why? is Gopping a northern word? DH comes from Isle of Man, so not him either.....

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