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Need to look youthful and funky but not mutton, thinking of buying Labels from ebay - any tips

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suzywong · 21/07/2006 14:35


I am starting technical college, part time, next week and although i will be clad in chef's whites most of the time, I do need to get "with it".
I lean towards the Rock Chick as opposed to Fluffy style but many many years sliding down slides and being covered in kids' mess has left me less than bothred about what brands I wear.
I am tallish, slim (non existant) hipped and big norked.

What are the Labels are "in" for jeans and Practical funky tops?

I'm going to get it all on ebay but need an idea of what to enter in to search. Thanks

OP posts:
YellowFeathers · 21/07/2006 14:50

Seven for All Mankind Jeans are good.
You can normally pick them up off ebay for a cheaper price.

The "boyfriend" cut jean seems to be quite popular atm.

MrsBadger · 21/07/2006 14:51

[dull advice alert]

Am of the opinion that it doesn't matter what the label is if it fits well and suits you, which can be hard to judge on Ebay.
Would also err more on the side of classic for clothes, and add 'with it' accessories (jewellery, bag, scarf etc) to avoid a) things being Out after one season, and b) mutton risk.

I'd go for quality well-made stuff that won't date much and is unlikely to be fake - so high-end high street like Whistles, East, Jigsaw and Monsoon, even Boden [spit], but really I'd recommend going to Primark / Matalan / Dorothy Perkins or somewhere equally affordable and trying stuff on. Take a Blunt Friend (TM) if you can round one up.

I'm the opposite shape to you, being plentiful in the hip area with petite norks, but it's hard for anyone average-ish to go wrong with well-fitting jeans and a fitted V-necked or wrap top...

suzywong · 21/07/2006 14:54

thank you for your advice, I have noticed the "boyfriend" but don't know what it is

Mrs B, I would LOVE to visit all the stores you listed, but I now live in Western Australia. Don't even get me started on the state of teh clothing stores.

OP posts:
controlfreaky · 21/07/2006 14:58

what are you going to be doing at college exactly? sounds good if involves FOOD!

MrsBadger · 21/07/2006 14:59

damn me and my UK-centricness!

what I meant was try on cheap shoddy stuff so you can see what suits you, then buy similarly shaped stuff from more expensive brands on ebay... but I guess if no Whistles etc in Aus we're back to the 'what labels to search for?' question and I've been no help at all...

[skulks back to corner]

controlfreaky · 21/07/2006 14:59

do you have gap out there? gap do v nice boyfriend cut jeans...

suzywong · 21/07/2006 15:01

Nope, no Gap, NOTHING at all you would recognise apart from the major, mainly US labels, which are very expensive new.

I am training to be a chef

Ho Hum, will just have to learn Texting Talk and Who's Who in the Hit Parade

OP posts:
YellowFeathers · 21/07/2006 15:05

boyfriend cut jeans are like a slouch cut, more baggy. Fit nice around the bum though.

Team up with some nice t shirts as I guess it'll be quite hot if your doing cookery.

controlfreaky · 21/07/2006 15:06

b ing chf snds gd..
there, can you read that?

back to op....
on ebay would try dkny / saltwater / ginko / joseph.... will try and think of more

any decent online clothing companies? ie you could order expensive jeans and see re fir, return and try to buy on ebay??

Spagblog · 21/07/2006 15:07

I'm back at college and I only realised how much younger the others were when I joked that my calculator probably had "I love Bros" on it and everyone went "Who?"

JessaJam · 21/07/2006 15:08

What about surfy labels? Any good? Try Fat Face....Animal...

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