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OK, fess up, what have you spent in the NEXT sale??

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bubblerock · 20/07/2006 15:30

I wasn't going to buy anything as I got loads of stuff in Freeport a few weeks ago really cheap, but then the code was posted on MSE this am and I just spent £60 - mainly on me!!!

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MerlinsBeard · 20/07/2006 15:35

it doesn't start till saturday

expatinscotland · 20/07/2006 15:35

FA. i don't like NEXT.

bubblerock · 20/07/2006 15:41

No, you can order in advance, mine's being delivered on Saturday.

OP posts:
bubblerock · 20/07/2006 15:57

Mumofmonsters - log in to your account, use promotional code L7007 to get free delivery, then open in another window or get the sale listing in front of you and find what you want (lots of items are starting to go out of stock already!) then use 'quickshop' type in the number of the item eg. 977595 but replace the X37 with GQ2 and the sale price will come up instead of the original price.

Go shop!!

OP posts:
breadandroses · 20/07/2006 16:03

Bollocks all because it's tarty rubbish for dds, and boooring housewifey/office junior stuff for me.

I Hate it. (But spent 20 mins in there yesterday, thrilling to the air con).

curtaintwitcher · 20/07/2006 16:07

ohmy god bubble rockI loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

bubblerock · 20/07/2006 16:15

LOL - so you also like "boooring housewifey/office junior stuff" & "tarty rubbish" too curtaintwitcher!

FWIW - I think Next has quite a good variety of clothes and is suitable for everyone, I have always found that the clothes last well too!

OP posts:
sarahhal · 20/07/2006 16:15

Why doesn't it recognise anything when I put the code in? Quick, Bubblerock, help!!!

Iklboo · 20/07/2006 16:17

Next??? I can't afford to shop in the shop next to Next...

And that's a £1 shop!

sarahhal · 20/07/2006 16:18

Have got it working hurrah!!!

hocuspocus · 20/07/2006 16:18

I know I win the prize for the most stupid Mn'er today....but where is the quick shop thingummy?

bubblerock · 20/07/2006 16:27

It's on the left hand side, it just lets you type in about 10 codes at once and check availability.

OP posts:
bubblerock · 20/07/2006 16:27
  • Under FLOWERS
OP posts:
bubblerock · 20/07/2006 16:31

The best thing about ordering online is that the stuff comes through without the red 'reduced' blob on so it's ideal for birthdays/christmas or for flogging on Ebay when the kids have grown out of it!

OP posts:
fishmitten · 20/07/2006 16:52

thanks bubblerock! Got it workign and spent £150. Not a lot about but a few nice bits.

trix1 · 20/07/2006 16:54

Help - I cant find the sale section - when I type in it brings up the normal page!!!

bubblerock · 20/07/2006 16:58

NEXT SALE LISTING - should work Trix

OP posts:
MerlinsBeard · 20/07/2006 17:02

thanks bibblerock, trying to order swim shoes for the boys, sometimes they can deliver next day otherwise tis no good, we wil be in devon!!

trix1 · 20/07/2006 17:13

Thanks Bubblerock

trix1 · 20/07/2006 17:21

Sorry to be such a pain but im struggling with the codes!!! ive put in GQ2 first but its coming up as an error

bubblerock · 20/07/2006 17:27

The GQ2 goes at the end, ie.. instead of 965510X37 (no dashes) you type 965510GQ2 (no dashes) and it will come up as the sale price (if it is in the sale)

OP posts:
bubblerock · 20/07/2006 17:33

Any luck Trix?

OP posts:
MerlinsBeard · 20/07/2006 17:54

their server is down, have been trying to get into my account since i last posted

hulababy · 20/07/2006 17:56

Bothing! I hate the Next sale. I have never got anything decent out of it. It seems to resemble a jumble sale with clothes that are years out of date. Maybe everything just goes in the first hours though???

bubblerock · 20/07/2006 17:57

I just managed to get on okay MOM - strange!

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