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I have been lured in by the Boden sale and . . .

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JonesTheSteam · 18/07/2006 11:02

. . . have made my first ever purchases - a dress for DD and a top for DS.

Is this the top of a slippery slope? Will I now start spending vast amounts of money (that I don't have!!!) on Boden clothes!!!!!


OP posts:
MaloryTowers · 18/07/2006 11:10

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sherbert37 · 18/07/2006 11:55

After hearing about Boden on mumsnet I made my first purchases this summer and think they are wonderful! I have traded up from Next (have you SEEN the new directory?!) and am now a convert. Have even placed an advance order for winter stock...

misdee · 18/07/2006 11:57

i buy a fair few items from boden for the kids. i am very impressed with their clothing. my first purchases were last summer, just a couple of skirts for dd1+2, and they still fit in them, and still look lovely, dd2 loves the pink and yellow polka skirt still and it gets worn at least once a week.

i save up now in preparation for the sales.

tho i did just get dd3 some stuff from next as wasnt much in her size in boden sale.

nutcracker · 18/07/2006 12:02

I agree some of the stuff is nice, but even at sale prices it's still far too expensive for kids clothes IMO.

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