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i usually go skimpy...but this swimming cossie has me wondering

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beansontoast · 14/07/2006 16:16

the other day i was positing the virtues of SKIMPY swimwear when you are pear shaped....

but ive just seen this... could this be the coolest thing ever? ....and i think its ace! a slightly 'margo'kind of way...or is it really cool in a uber groovy way.

i know i love it either way

OP posts:
puff · 14/07/2006 18:22

Coo, I used to have a red one just like that when I was about 22. Sigh.

hub2dee · 14/07/2006 18:29


Poisson: I am merely very perceptive.

Blondilocks · 14/07/2006 18:37

OOOh they are nice. Not so keen on the M&S one though. I wouldn't wear a strapless one myself as I've never found them comfy.

However, this year I'll be sticking to bikinis - can just imagine OH laughing at me when I get random tan lines from a cut out swimsuit on holiday in Spain! May consider one to glam up trips to the swimming pool though.

tortoiseshell · 14/07/2006 19:01

That first one looks a bit like the outfit Julia Roberts is wearing when she is picked up by Richard Gere in Pretty Woman...

kama · 14/07/2006 19:01

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

satine · 14/07/2006 19:15

Can I add a shameless plug for this costume I'm trying to flog on ebay?
It's cut out at the back - well, it's got a bikini style back, anyway!! Inexplicably, no-one's bid yet....

alexsmum · 14/07/2006 19:24

have you managed to find one long enough yet? i'm having same prob-am also 5'11"

satine · 14/07/2006 19:27

No, I keep thinking I ought to go to a big dept store or a smart lingerie shop where they might have something suitable. It's hard finding a swimsuit for the taller (interchangeable with fuller, ime) figure that doesn't look like something the NHS would issue on prescription.

micegg · 14/07/2006 20:26

If you have the figure for it then go for it. I think it will look great. I wouldnt worry about being 35 as this is definately a figure specific swimsuit rather than an age specific cossie. IFYSWIM. I am younger than you but it would look horrendous on me.

beansontoast · 15/07/2006 15:31

mmmm..thank you for all your tastefull and wise comments.[tenner prize going to hub2dee]

i think the cossie is at the same time as being a little out of the ordinary and a bit eye catching...somehow a bit modest too...?

i iwll be wearing it at a toddlers paddling pool and poss a campsite pool so definitely a posing costume LOL

i have contacted the woman whose 'vintage boutique' is selling the said cossie and she was so friendly .... managed to listen politely throughout my outloud ponderings...and she didnt go for the 'sell sell sell sychophantic fashion blurb you can get.

im still undecided however..

OP posts:
Pruni · 15/07/2006 15:42

Message withdrawn

hub2dee · 15/07/2006 16:30

handsome and now rich.

I'd buy it before some lurker gets in there sharpish like...

CaptainFlameSparrow · 15/07/2006 16:34

I love it.

poisson · 15/07/2006 20:24

satien i love yours

satine · 15/07/2006 22:35

Thanks, Cod, so did I but every time I stood up, the top pulled down to flatten my cleavage and the bottom pulled up into the scariest Brazilian style knicker line you've ever seen. Well, I'm sure it would have looked just gorgeous on a real Brazilian, but on me, with my galloping cellulite - well, I won't go on.

hoxtonchick · 15/07/2006 22:39

hi satine! did you see i replied to your thread?

and since this is a swimsuit thread, i got 2 the other day, from john lewis. bra-sized & fabulous .

SueW · 15/07/2006 22:42

I tried on bra-size cossies which I thought was great. Up top anyway. But I too am long in the bod and the cossie wasn't. And across my bum - yikes! It went see-through.

I beat a hasty retreat from the changing room and tried on a longer-length one which does little for my breasts but doesn't give everyone a fright when I turn my back. (Mind you I only remove a sarong as I enter the pool but can you imagine getting out of a pool in a cossie which shows everyone your bum crack?!)

Blondilocks · 15/07/2006 22:44

lol a posing costume. Hadn't thought of that! Was a bit uneasy the first time I wore a bikini to take LO swimming (but swimsuit had shrinkage while washing accident type so had no choice).

I don't usually feel that great about how I look but I think I'm usually in the top 5 best bikinied in the pool ... may not be fair though as I must be at least 5 yrs younger than most of them & have several children less than them.

hoxtonchick · 16/07/2006 10:50

i am panicking now suew, as i didn't think to turn round & check in the mirror ....

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