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what colour

11 replies

alexsmum · 14/07/2006 14:46

nailpolish to wear with a turqouise and white outfit?

OP posts:
southeastastra · 14/07/2006 14:51

plum? blimey i don't know sorry i'll go now

iamapieceofcheesecake · 14/07/2006 14:51

Deffo French manicure.

alexsmum · 14/07/2006 14:52

it's a tricky one isn't it???

OP posts:
alexsmum · 14/07/2006 14:52

i'm talking for my toes though.and toenails should never be long enough to french manicure!!

OP posts:
alexsmum · 14/07/2006 14:59

oh come on! someone help me out!

OP posts:
mazzystar · 14/07/2006 15:01

nudey beigey colour or peach?

iamapieceofcheesecake · 14/07/2006 15:01

I think victoria beckham has her toenails 'french manicured' (or would that be french pedicured?)doesn't she? Apparently you are supposed to leave a bit of toenail to prevent in-growing ones. It does look nice tho, especially with a toe ring as well.

LiliLaTigresse · 14/07/2006 15:01

tricky one.....
a nice peach?
there's always nude though....
think you can rule out pinks and reds

LiliLaTigresse · 14/07/2006 15:02

mazzystar great minds and all that

no french manicure please!!

Kelly1978 · 14/07/2006 15:09


chubbleigh · 14/07/2006 15:24

What about really turquoise toenails? I love having really bright colours on my toes that I would never have on my hands. My toes are a sort of glittery tangerine colour today, I would never wear that on my fingernails.

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