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I think I'm abnormal or just oddly shaped

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Katymac · 10/07/2006 21:26

Ever since I was a teenager I have had real problems finding a bra that actually fitted.

I used to get measured in every shop I went to.

John Lewis, M&S, Selfridges even Harrods

No matter where the ladies all said after 20-30 bras..."none of them really fit"

This has got worse and worse - I really need my bras to be comfortable

I either get back boobs or the straps dig in or it cuts under my armpits or it doesn't touch my breastbone

can anyone help or suggest a good bra or shop where I can get one fitted

OP posts:
fistfullofnappies · 10/07/2006 22:48

Have you tried all the different styles of bras, t-shirt, non-underwired, front fastening, crossover straps?

There is that specialist bra shop in London, some posh name, but they're fabulously expensive I think.

Katymac · 10/07/2006 22:51

Oh yes - hundereds of the buggers

Some fitters say - oh that'll do

But they never fit properly

I hate buying BRAS

OP posts:
puff · 10/07/2006 22:53

Have you tried Rigby & Peller - it's at the side of Harrods

Katymac · 10/07/2006 22:54

Don't live in London any more - but I might make a journey

OP posts:
puff · 10/07/2006 22:56

They are very good in there - Saturdays can be hellishly busy, so if you can go on a weekday, it's helpful.

What size do you think you are and what are the problems with the bras you wear?

Katymac · 10/07/2006 22:58

T|he under arm bits hurt or the bit in the middle where it doesn't touch my breast bone

OP posts:
Katymac · 10/07/2006 23:00

I'm a 34 dd or e or f or a 38 dd or e

They can never decide - they say one size and then start putting other sizes on me

twice I've had a lady in tears cos she couldn't get it to fit

and so many times I've been passed to the supervisor

OP posts:
puff · 10/07/2006 23:03

apparently the most common problem is a bra that is too big in the back and too small in the cup. Maybe the bras are riding up at the back which pulls up the armpit area and puts pressure on the bit just under the boobs.

puff · 10/07/2006 23:04

You could see if there is a Bravissimo store within travelling distance - they are usually pretty good too

Katymac · 11/07/2006 07:45

Thanks I will try - but it seems so futile when so many fitting ladies have failed

OP posts:
CantSleepWontSleep · 11/07/2006 08:01

Whereabouts do you live? I find the R&P staff snooty and unhelpful, and department store fitters all rubbish!

There's a fantastic shop in Bishops Stortford that I would happily recommend called Carol's. She used to be in Whitechapel but moved a couple of years ago. She'll prob know your size at a glance without even measuring!

Katymac · 11/07/2006 08:02

I don't know where Bishops Stortford is

I'm in darkest Norfolk not quite as far as Peru - but close

OP posts:
CantSleepWontSleep · 11/07/2006 10:29

It's in Hertfordshire - here , so not all that close I'm afraid!

puff · 11/07/2006 13:05

Rigby & Peller have always been fantastic when I've been - especially when I was pregnant and also very overweight anyway and desperate for some comfortable bras, they were really kind to me.

Scummy · 11/07/2006 13:14

Is price a consideration, katy? Never been to R & P but their brand has always been v v v expensive when I've seen it sold elsewhere. Like £60+ for one bra . I speak as one who is resigned to paying more than average for bras due to having big breasts but I really can't run to that even for perfection! May be maligning them though- does their own shop sell a wider price range? (I'd try bravissimo, personally.)

SpoiralTheEejit · 11/07/2006 13:17
Scummy · 11/07/2006 13:27

Are you Enid?

SpoiralTheEejit · 11/07/2006 13:28


Scummy · 11/07/2006 13:39

Hiya Tinks! How're you? I'm coming out of nasty lurgy land and feel a bit bored- maybe that's the source of the name changes ? Should be leaping into action on last bit of college work but can't quite seem to get it together just yet. Got banned from Daily mail site this AM for posting my questionnaire - grrr, wanted juicy mailite hatred to compare to other sites' data- and haven't done a stroke of work since. Must get motivated...

I do agree he's an eejit. What was he like yesterday when A didn't snog him? The prat. That's why i thought you were Enid as haven't agreed with anyone except her on bb this year so far!

SpoiralTheEejit · 11/07/2006 13:41

Hijack over.
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