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Has anyone ever dyed their hair bright red? Or are you a hairdresser?

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charleypopspreviouslyntt · 07/07/2006 10:10

I'm normally an "expensive" blonde as my hairdresser puts it - too bloody right at more than £100 a pop but I can hardly ever find the time (or money) to go, so usually the colour is kind of grown out. Anyway, I need it doing again, but I fancy a change. I feel like going really bright red (like Jonathon Ross's wife) for a while before I get my normal thing done at the hairdressers

I used to do this years ago so I know how to do it (semi permanent) without having to get it lightened first. But what I want to know is, if I don't like it, or get bored or whatever, will it be a straightforward job to get it back to normal? It is very long - down to the bottom of my rib cage.

OP posts:
Bugsy2 · 07/07/2006 10:57

I used to do this when I was a student & found that it used to make my hair very gingery as it faded & washed out. I don't have a problem with ginger on other people but it was horrible on me & I used to end up dying it blonde to get rid of the ginger!!!!

charliecat · 07/07/2006 11:02

I dye my hair bright red and it goes that water gingery colour in a few days...I love it

serenity · 07/07/2006 11:03

I used to do it - bleached it first and then dye it bright red over the top ( I've got dark hair). You do have to keep on top of redoing the red as I found it fades quite quickly and looked a bit bleurgh. I got rid of it by dying it black, so not much help to you there I'm afraid!

wilbur · 07/07/2006 11:07

I've done various shades of red on long mousey hair - all fade quite fast. These days I do semi-permanent reddish with a few bright red highlights. It's much cheaper than a full head of highlights too. I think you will be fine, and it wil fade fast if you hate it, but I would watch out as the ends of your hair will take the colour much more strongly than the roots. Make sure you apply dye to roots only first for a bit and then all the way thru.

charleypopspreviouslyntt · 07/07/2006 17:42

Mine used to go a kind of pink which I liked.

Anyway tis all academic now. Dp says he'll leave me because he doesn't want the mother of his child to look like a sad 40 year old wannabe cyber goth And I'm way off 40! cheeky g*t. Think I peed on my chips a few months ago when I got a fringe.....

Thanks anyway x

OP posts:
magnolia1 · 07/07/2006 17:49

I always used to have my hair red and loved it. I dyed it red with the permenant ones then used fudge colour from hairdressers on it every 6 weeks to keep the red vibrant!

WellKnownMemorablePeachyClair · 07/07/2006 18:07

Mine has been reed (scarlet through to dark), pink, brown, and white blonde all in the last year! I used pre-lgytener then a LIVE! colour for the reed.

Mind you, as a student can get away with it LOL!

charleypopspreviouslyntt · 07/07/2006 20:39

Maybe I'm having a nearlymid-life crisis

OP posts:
serenity · 08/07/2006 11:02

Nothing wrong with that

pucca · 08/07/2006 11:05

Just remember if you do go bright red, then decide you want to go back to blonde you will really struggle to get rid of the red, red is the hardest to strip out...the only way you will be able to get rid of red if you don't like it or change your mind is to go for dark brown, very very unlikely you can go back to blonde once you hit the red, it would be a case of wait for the red to grow out.

glitterfairy · 08/07/2006 11:08

I have had scarlet red hair which was a vegetable dye form Italy. Unfortunately it used to bleed over everything so couldnt go swimming or out in the rain! It used to bleach out to pink and I was renowned through it. My hairdresser has always done it.

I am now darker red and highlights of copper which is much easier and lasts about ten weeks! I love red hair though and find it the best colour mid life or not!

WellKnownMemorablePeachyClair · 08/07/2006 16:34

Nah not mid life- Have been dying my ahir since I was 12 .

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