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boohoo (going to kick my dh later)

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TheLadyVanishes · 06/07/2006 14:05

was on the laura ashley site a couple of nights ago ordering some items and came across this (bet the link doesn't work) anyway had already ordered some stuff from John Lewis but dh said go ahead order what you want and then said oh can you hang on for a couple of days till the credit cut off date (basically after friday what we buy goes on next months bill iyswim) i said don't worry about it just order the other items and forget the blouse (he took the huff) anyway he went to order it today and its sold out and i'm completely peed off. Its not often i 'fall in love with an item of clothing' but i really drooled when i saw the blouse, i'm going off to cry now

OP posts:
Whizzz · 06/07/2006 14:07

Grrr isn't that bad when that is very pretty. French connection had some nice tops in their sale too....I was tempted

schneebly · 06/07/2006 14:07

for you TLV - it is a gorgeous top! MEN!

nailpolish · 06/07/2006 14:08

monsoon have one very similar

nailpolish · 06/07/2006 14:09

its not on the website but honest i saw it in the shop i even tried it on!

TheLadyVanishes · 06/07/2006 14:11

got this for dd room so feel a little better still going to kick him tho he might get a reprieve tho if there is a sale on on the monsoon site!

OP posts:
Fimbo · 06/07/2006 14:13

Get the hold of a few Laura Ashley phone numbers (it doesn't matter where) and give them the product number, if they have it in stock they should be able to send it to you, I have done this before with a coat.

crunchie · 06/07/2006 14:16

What size are you after? on the webiste it seems to have all the sizes?? only in cream though

TheLadyVanishes · 06/07/2006 14:24

unfortunately when you get to the checkout it comes up sold out, but thanks to fimbo (a big huge hug for you btw) i rang my nearest store and they have it in stock so dh should be phoning them now and ordering it for me (yippee) now i hope it fits as i've never bought any items from LA before and i hope they aren't for stick people (no offence to anyone slim people out there)

OP posts:
Fimbo · 06/07/2006 14:28

You are more than welcome

If you have ordered your normal size it should fit ok.

TheLadyVanishes · 06/07/2006 14:31

i'm soooo excited and I never go out so I don't know when i'm going to wear it, but who cares coz its beeeeeeautiful

OP posts:
Fimbo · 06/07/2006 14:35

You could always wear it to the virtual MN garden fete. - LOL!

Enjoy your new blouse!

TheLadyVanishes · 06/07/2006 14:39

let me know when it is fimbo and i shall be sure to wear it hmmmm will need new shoes to go with it tho

OP posts:
Fimbo · 06/07/2006 14:45


TheLadyVanishes · 06/07/2006 14:46

on my way over now

OP posts:
mummyofeb · 06/07/2006 20:27

It's a gorgeous top!
That happened to me last year when I saw a beautiful Coast turquoise embroidered tulle top for £45 from £75 in the sales and DH forced me to take it back!!
In the end, he felt so guilty for seeing me so upset that I was allowed to get it back!
Definitely kick him!!!!!!!!!
Is there a garment tracking number somewhere? Try obtaining one, you never know. Good luck.

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