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Meal out with DH's work contacts - what to wear?

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hulababy · 03/07/2006 14:45

On 11th July - eek, next week! - I have a meal out at some fancy restaurant in Nottingham. I won't have long to get ready as I don't get in from work until after 5, and we will need to leave here around 6ish.

It is going out with an IFA Dh works with, and who I kind of know (met a couple of times) a little. There are other contacts of this IFAs and their partners.

What can I wear? I think I need a wardrobe ovehaul as it is. Now I definitely do.

I am short (5 foot), small on top. Tummy, bottom and hips bigger. I really need to loose a couple of stone but that is not going to happen in a week so need nice clothes instead.

Oh, must remember to get my eye brows waked too. No time for hair now.

OP posts:
hulababy · 03/07/2006 14:46

Would rather not spend a small fortune either!

OP posts:
doobydoo · 03/07/2006 14:51

How about Chanel No5 and a smile[like Marylin Monroe]
What about the petite range in M and S or Debenhams?
I don't know what sort of clothes you like.

hulababy · 03/07/2006 14:52

Not sure myself to be honest! I need to lose weight so don't like much on myself at moment. I need some inspiration. I need a Trinny and Susannah but without the tele bit, or the grabbing of boobs/bums!

OP posts:
doobydoo · 03/07/2006 14:55

I would love to be humiliated by Trin and Susannah!It would soooooooooo be worth it
How about wrap dresses?
Or a wrap top with a floaty skirt?

hulababy · 03/07/2006 14:57

Possibly. Like idea of floaty skirts I need to do some online shopping later tonight I guess. i just never know where to start and leave it too late!

OP posts:
schneebly · 03/07/2006 15:00

this would be nice and not clingy on your bottom half?

Northerner · 03/07/2006 15:01

Yes wrap dress and killer heels. Can't go wrong.

Or widel legged lined trousers and vest top?

hulababy · 03/07/2006 16:50

Never had a wrap dress. Not sure my top half could pull it off. Hmmm.

Heels. That should be fun! No, I wear heels for going out. Might need new ones though.

OP posts:
hulababy · 03/07/2006 19:30

Any other suggestions?

OP posts:
schneebly · 03/07/2006 19:31

What is your best feature and what is your 'colouring' like?

hulababy · 03/07/2006 19:40

Generally quite pale skin although have a light tan at moment. Have freckles though.

A couple of not so great holiday pictures of me from last two weeks here , here and here

OP posts:
hulababy · 03/07/2006 19:42


First link: here
Second link: here

OP posts:
schneebly · 03/07/2006 19:45

of your hols! DD looks like she had a fab time! Your arms are ok for sleeveless and you have enough of a chest to pull off wrap or v neck dress I think - will have a look around. Am no expert though so be warned! Are you afraid of colour?

hulababy · 03/07/2006 19:47

Those pictures are braless, so looks a little more with some support and lift

Willing to try some colour, but not too bright.

Really do need a whole wardrobe overhaul TBH!

OP posts:
schneebly · 03/07/2006 19:47

Am thinking green?

schneebly · 03/07/2006 19:49

have to go- will return in half hour with suggestions!

hulababy · 03/07/2006 19:49

Never worn much green so far, butt willing to try most things. Dh is going out later so need to look on the web for some ideas I think. Thanks BTW.

OP posts:
Gobbledigook · 03/07/2006 19:58

I think nice wide leg linen trousers that are plain and then an 'interesting' top and killer heels. What about brown linen trousers (a bit different from the white and black)?

hulababy · 03/07/2006 20:01

I like brown. I have brown sandel type heel things I could use too.

OP posts:
schneebly · 03/07/2006 20:43

Am back - not finding too much but how about...

this top with these trousers?


any good?

schneebly · 03/07/2006 20:45

damn - dress link no good! It is in dresses about half way along. Sleeveless and £40.

hulababy · 03/07/2006 22:52

I do like those trousers and that top Thanks for looking.

OP posts:
schneebly · 03/07/2006 22:55

No probs hula. I think you would suit the trousers and top really well. Whatever you decide I am sure you will look lovely and hope it all goes well.

hulababy · 04/07/2006 20:25

Typical top is not available in my size I am off to Meadowhall on Thursday for a day's child-free shopping, so will check out Debenhams among other shops.


OP posts:
hulababy · 07/07/2006 08:44

Finally went shopping (child free, all day!) yesterday and ended up buying more than just the outfit. Beforehand I also went though my wardrobe and filled up a huge charity bag with discarded clothes

For the meal I got myself a dress from Monsoon, some dress jewelry, and some wedges from Dune.

I also got myself a skirt and top from Monsoon, because I liked then

And then, I went to Debenhams (to see if they had those trousers/top - they didn't) and ended up buying myself a wrap dress.

So overall a good day

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