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How to have wavy hair like celebs???

11 replies

divamummy · 30/06/2006 18:32

I would love to have wavy hair like celebs. not curly wurly
How do i make my hair wavy? I have had perm before it went all curly
Any ideas,

OP posts:
treacletart · 30/06/2006 19:16

heated rollers - bung em in for 30 mins. It'll be quite curly for first 5 mins after you take them out then the curl'll drop and you'll be left with glamourous wavy locks (for a few hours anyway)

Smurfgirl · 30/06/2006 22:50

Use GHDs to curl your hair, hard to explain how, but they do it with straighteners.

megandsoph · 30/06/2006 22:56

agree with smurfgirl, the straighner way is brill

remember when you were a kid and you used to curl paper with sissors it's the same process

wrap hair round one of the plates put them to gether and kind of pull the hair from it. you have to slightley lossen your grip on the hair though

divamummy · 30/06/2006 23:27

i tried heated sticks and it stays only couple hours. how to keep curls, i mean waves??

OP posts:
Skribble · 30/06/2006 23:30

Be very careful if going for a permanent option, I used to have one really long bum length hair, all one length, really thick. I wanted Catherine Z Jones style waves, I came out after about 6 hrs with a spiral perm looking like Crystals Tips (cartoon charactor), Had to go back and get it all layered. I still really want those waves but I will have to grow it all back.

Skribble · 30/06/2006 23:38

I want mine like this now, just a slight wave to give it some shape.

MrsBadger · 02/07/2006 13:14

ooh, skribble, the hairdresser managed to do mine like this a few weeks ago by blowdrying it on a round brush

no idea how to replicate it though...

noddyholder · 02/07/2006 13:17

Wash and semi dry your hair tie it up in a rough ponytail/bun thingy sleep in it and wake up with wavy hair

Skribble · 02/07/2006 15:25

Tried that I wkae up with it still damp (verythick) or still flat except for the very ends. I would love a permanant wave, just enough to give it some shape and stop it looking limp and unstyled the all rats tails.

sallystrawberry · 02/07/2006 16:07

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Skribble · 03/07/2006 01:35

not permanant though

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