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Doris Day / 50s style dresses - anyone else feel faintly ridiculous

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thewomanwhothoughtshewasahat · 24/06/2006 22:50

tried several on - Monsoon has got tons. thought they looked great on the hangers but when I put them on I just felt stupid. Not actually all that flattering; haven;t got a clue when I'd wear one, and wonder if I'm too old for retro (do people "get" that you're being retro once you reach a particular age?)

OP posts:
Caligula · 24/06/2006 23:07

LOL. I remember wearing 50's clothes 20 years ago and looking fabulous in them, but if I wear them now I look like a majestic ship billowing into harbour. They are actually designed that way - if you look at all those old films, the older women in them all look fierce, although the style of clothes is pretty similar to what Doris Day was wearing.

Skribble · 24/06/2006 23:14

I tried on a few and I just look 50+, on younger woman wel girls they look fab I just look dowdy . My DD age 6 looks fabulous in he jada dress.

thewomanwhothoughtshewasahat · 25/06/2006 11:01

yes the white halter neck with blue spots in Monsoon would look great on DD - also 6. Think this is just going to have to be a fashion that I let pass by.

OP posts:
mousiemousie · 25/06/2006 11:04

Emphasis on the waist is tough if you haven't got one

collision · 25/06/2006 11:06

You do have to have lots of confidence to wear these esp if you arent a skinny size 8.

I have the navy one with white belt from Next and havent worn it yet cos of the weather but am hoping it will look nice in Italy in Sept!!

southeastastra · 25/06/2006 11:35

i think they're really great! the lack of a waist on clothes now makes you realise you have none. bring back waists!

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