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need summer wardrobe help

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thewomanwhothoughtshewasahat · 23/06/2006 08:05

I'ev not bought any clothes for eons. I'm going on holiday with a v. trendy (and v. thin) friend. Need ideas - not just holiday - but for summer here too. I have been stuck in a bit of a jigsaw rut for the last few years. But don;t like it that much anymore. quite like M&S - per una and some of their other stuff. I'm 5 foot with short legs (that's not stating the bleeding obvious, they're not only short, they're short in proportion to the rest of me). size 8-10 - not totally slim but not too bad. standard mum-tum. boobs kind of in proportion. like blues, browns, greens. have been wearing pink and red for last few years - but again, bit of a rut I need to get out of. got reddish hair

OP posts:
KristinaM · 23/06/2006 08:11

my advice is to never go on holiday with thin and trendy friend

thewomanwhothoughtshewasahat · 23/06/2006 09:44

I know I know. happens every time we go with them. we're also going with another friend who is not only thin but tall and gorgeous but goes for the jeans, no make-up, natural look, so I forgive her.

OP posts:
Bink · 23/06/2006 09:51

John Lewis personal shopper? Think JL does quite a good range of petite stuff.

Can be a bit stolid & naff, but have you looked at Talbots? - largely matronly US classics, but usually nice fabrics and definitely a big petite range. I've had some things from there which are quite nice really.

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