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What's a good fake tan for legs?

4 replies

theinvisiblegirl · 20/06/2006 13:21

Am going to a wedding in a few weeks and need abit of colour on my pastey white pins! A friend mentioned that you can get moisturisers that gradually tan. Anyone any suggestions on what is good? Don't want to look streaky or orange!

OP posts:
sweetmonkey · 20/06/2006 13:22

personally i found the best one to be St tropez mousse. fantastic stuff!! pricey but def worth it

lou33 · 20/06/2006 13:24

loreal sublime bronze self tanning gel, tinted version

easy peasy to apply and looks good, has never streaked on me

TwinsetandPearls · 20/06/2006 13:29

I have just tried lancome flash bronzer and found it to be very good. Was cheaper than ST Tropez although I am not sure if there was as much in the bottle so wil see how mnay applications I get for my honey. I am quite pale naturally as that makes a difference.

mell2 · 20/06/2006 13:33

Last year used L'Oreal sublime bronze and It's Real (Patsy Palmer one) but have been very happy using Johnsons Holiday Skin (Fair) this year .

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