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Anyone remember my Boden denim skirt on ebay?

19 replies

Gillian76 · 20/06/2006 13:14

Got it today and it's too big :(

Gutted. The smaller size is out if stock.

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Fimbo · 20/06/2006 13:20

Resell it on Ebay. You will probably get the same back as what you paid for it as it's Boden.

Gillian76 · 20/06/2006 13:21

I know it makes sense, but then I have no skirt!

OP posts:
poptot · 20/06/2006 13:33

Could you have it altered ? Is it nice enough to pay to have this done?

Gillian76 · 20/06/2006 13:40

I suppose it might be. It's OK on the hips but quite wide at the waist.

Should have been £69 but I paid £29.50 inc delivery.

OP posts:
Piffle · 20/06/2006 13:46

what size is it?
which skirt is it?

cupcakes · 20/06/2006 13:47

If you want to resell it I'd put it back on now before the Boden sale starts.

Fimbo · 20/06/2006 13:50

Oooh - sorry for hijack - when's the Boden sale starting?

Gillian76 · 20/06/2006 13:51

Fun Skirt in denim. Size 20. Big discussion about it last week!

Sale should be a few weeks away I would think.

OP posts:
Gillian76 · 20/06/2006 13:51

\link{\this one}

OP posts:
cupcakes · 20/06/2006 13:52

well from my recollection it's usually end of June/start of July. I have an offer at the moment which expires on the 27th which makes me suspect it will be some day soon after that.
Wish Malory was here. She'd know.

Piffle · 20/06/2006 13:53

I waited 4 years for a boden fun skirt to come up in my size on ebay Grin
now I've lost weight and it does not fit me and I am aggrieved
I have got my dressmaker from the yellow pages to re do it for me!

Piffle · 20/06/2006 13:53

june 30th apparently

Gillian76 · 20/06/2006 13:54

Cupcakes, I do remember debating swimwear with you last year!

Yes beginning of July I think :)

OP posts:
Fimbo · 20/06/2006 13:54

I've got that offer too Cupcakes but no free p & p!

cupcakes · 20/06/2006 13:58

Gillian - I always associate you with swimming costumes now. Smile

Fimbo - hmm, I hadn't realised that. That really just makes it £6 off.

Gillian76 · 20/06/2006 14:04

Oh god, me in a swimming costume. Not a pretty sight, even in a Boden one! Wink

I ordered a few things a couple of weeks ago. I put it in the baskes and then checked how much it'd be with my voucher and then through MN. Was cheaper with MN as the delivery was free.

OP posts:
Cod · 21/06/2006 18:58

Message withdrawn

Kelly1978 · 21/06/2006 19:17

I liek that skirt. Any idea how long the sale lasts? I'm broke for a couple more weeks yet.

Gillian76 · 25/06/2006 21:20


I put it up on ebay again. I bought it for £27 and sold it tonight for...


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