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does lemon juice on yer hair work to blonde you up

10 replies

Cod · 16/06/2006 13:45

dont htink i want tot ry but awlays wondedred

OP posts:
mumfor1standfinaltime · 16/06/2006 13:48

Jason Donovan does it but maybe it's the aussie sun.

Cod · 16/06/2006 13:48

i knwo that is enids perffered use of citrus frits

OP posts:
saffy202 · 16/06/2006 14:17

I have in the past taken a squeezy jif lemon in my suitcaseBlush. My hair is naturally blonde but does need the sun or highlights to brighten it up. It can be a bit messy but it does work.

southeastastra · 16/06/2006 14:28

how about sun-in Smile

sandradee · 16/06/2006 14:34

Oh my god - do you remember sun in? I wont touch that stuff - it completely messed up my hair.

Lemon juice does work except I was rather attractive to the wasps and bees that hovered round me

southeastastra · 16/06/2006 14:37

i had a lovely sun-in orange fringe in the 80s

sandradee · 16/06/2006 14:38

yes - my hair went orange as well. Oh those were the days.......

Twiglett · 16/06/2006 14:41

oh sun-in .. when I was 14 I had bright orange sun-in hair .. and had to wear a pink bridesmaids outfit for one of my sister's weddings Grin

Cod · 16/06/2006 14:42

oh yes me too

OP posts:
waterfalls · 16/06/2006 15:06

Apparently lemon juice gets rid of freckles too.

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