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My friend just emailed me this link.....................

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puff · 14/06/2006 09:33

\link{\Perfect Jeans Finder}

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Twiglett · 14/06/2006 09:38

terribly sorry I got to this line "Next, you will need to choose you’re leg width which adds a bit" and had to stop reading


Whizzz · 14/06/2006 09:38

Thats good - gives a few pointers - I can rarely find jeans to fit as what fits my bum doesn't fit my waist and a i need longer jeans too !

MrsBadger · 14/06/2006 09:49

must admit the spelling and grammar leave a bit to be desired (who is their proofreader?) but the concept is pretty neat.
Pleased they recomended £30 H&M ones for me rather than frighteningly expensive ones though - may have to try them.

puff · 14/06/2006 10:19

OK, I know grammar, spelling and punctuation are naff, but some of the info is good. I had no idea that you could buy jeans that pull your tummy in - definitely need help in that dept Grin!

Oh btw the way, I read somewhere that Victoria Beckham designed "bottom lift" jeans - hilarious as the woman herself has no arse.

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