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Trip to Primark on Saturday..... What's hot in there atm?

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Northerner · 13/06/2006 14:26

Girl at work has a polka dot shirt dress for £10!!! and I've seen some capri pants I quite fancy.

Anything else?

OP posts:
JanH · 13/06/2006 14:27

The air for a start! Primark on Saturday, are you nuts?

Fimbo · 13/06/2006 14:28

Get there early before the hoards arrive. I bought a linen tunic top for £6.00 last week. Have a look at the shoes as well.

Northerner · 13/06/2006 14:30

Lol Jan - yes I know! Just I never get chance to shop alone but I am visiting my parents this weekend and they have offerred to babysit on Saturday so I can shop!

OP posts:
Pruni · 13/06/2006 14:30

I got two long linen long-sleeved shirts (olive and brown) for £8.00 each - really useful but not "hot".
They also have them in black and white.

MrsBadger · 14/06/2006 10:42

get the £10 shirt dress - I got it the first time round in April and it is lurvely.

Enid · 14/06/2006 10:44

ooh I have that dress

I bought two - one in a 16 (post baby size!) and one in a 14

its great

also their long line polka dot t's are lovely (£4) in red or green

AND they had a really nice gathered skirt with ruched waistband, a sort of ochre colour with flowres and a few sparklys but unfortunatley didnt have my size Sad

foxinsocks · 14/06/2006 10:46

they have some quite good pump type shoes (for around £5) which are quite good in this not-so-hot-but-a-bit-rainy weather

also they had some great beach/large fabric bags

also for the kids (sorry, know you are looking for yourself!) they had some lovely sunglasses

MaloryTowers · 14/06/2006 16:45

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FioFio · 14/06/2006 16:47

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted

MaloryTowers · 14/06/2006 16:48

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LadyTophamHatt · 14/06/2006 17:00

Primark is hell on earth IMO

Blossomhill · 14/06/2006 17:01

I think the belts are great, so cheap

I bought a lovely navy and white nautical type striped long dress for £10 that everyone has commented on how nice it is

Enid · 14/06/2006 17:03

i used to think that LTH then I went on a quiet day and found SO many bargains

LadyTophamHatt · 14/06/2006 17:07

Hmmmm, admittedly I have only ever been on a saturday and always with a buggy.
Probably not the best combination.....

Enid · 14/06/2006 17:10

I went the other day and it was horrible like a jumble sale

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