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this is bargain

26 replies

Cod · 13/06/2006 13:31

bet oyu will all hate it i love patterned skirts

\link{\toolong ofr m e too}

OP posts:
Cod · 13/06/2006 13:31

lol att he way the hips srhink when you open it

OP posts:
Cod · 13/06/2006 13:32

look att eh amoundt of monsoon stuff thats eler has

OP posts:
SoupDragon · 13/06/2006 13:33

Magic hip shrinking skirt! A real bargain :o Hate the pattern tho.

biglips · 13/06/2006 13:33

uurrgghhh! bad taste!

Cod · 13/06/2006 13:34

i loove htos epatterns

OP posts:
Feistybird · 13/06/2006 13:34

bit too bold for me, that pattern

Cod · 13/06/2006 13:34

big lips at elast i am buying it!

OP posts:
biglips · 13/06/2006 13:35


alicemama · 13/06/2006 13:35

OOOhhhhh it's gorgeous....

she has another one in my sizeGrin

nailpolish · 13/06/2006 13:40

i like a patterned skirt as long as the top is plain

i like a wide waistband too

Fimbo · 13/06/2006 13:41

I like \link{\this}. Ah well dh is away so I can spend, spend, spend - LOL Grin

littlerach · 13/06/2006 13:42

Prefer the pink flower garden one she has listed.

nailpolish · 13/06/2006 13:43

i dont do strappy tops but it is nice fimbo

Cod · 13/06/2006 13:45

lol at shrinkign effect on that too
norulous/ not norkulous

where does he get it all form?

OP posts:
NomDePlume · 13/06/2006 13:46

maybe she lives near to the outlet place ?

Cod · 13/06/2006 13:47

is there one?

OP posts:
littlerach · 13/06/2006 13:47

The outlet place in Street never has much in it.

Perhaps this is why!

Cod · 13/06/2006 13:48

\link{\am after htis it looks gross doesn ti - loosk ncie on}

OP posts:
Gingerbear · 13/06/2006 13:48

knock-off - back of a delivery lorry?

Gingerbear · 13/06/2006 13:49

purloined en route from cardboard boxes to warehouse.

Gingerbear · 13/06/2006 13:50

He workes as a Monsoon warehouse operative, and stuffs garments down his trousers after each shift and stuffs them in an empty toilet cistern....

Fimbo · 13/06/2006 13:51

We have 2 Monsoons. One is a "sale" shop. At the moment they are offering bogof.

Cod · 13/06/2006 13:51

lol ginge

do they have a uniqye aroma then

OP posts:
crunchie · 13/06/2006 13:56

Monsoon stuff on ebay goes so well. I bought a lovely dress for NYE, cost me £45 in the monsoon sale (was £150) I have been on a diet and said dress is now huge on me. Sold it on ebay for £47.50 inc postage :)

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