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How can I cover the v of my t shirts to protect/hide crepey cleavage?

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tracyk · 09/06/2006 10:09

Are there any trendy/nice scarfes to wear that could cover most of my cleavage? If I wear a v neck - my neck just goes bright red and horrible looking in this sun/heat. suntan lotion doesn't help and usually ends in a spotty cleavage the next day.
or am i doomed to wear round neck t shirts?

OP posts:
JackieNo · 09/06/2006 10:20

It's a bit hot for it atm, but when it cools down, you could wear a vest top underneath?

JackieNo · 09/06/2006 10:20

Or wouldn't that come up high enough?

anorak · 09/06/2006 10:26

You can get those nice lacy thin scarves that are in fashion at the moment and wear them round your neck like a necklace IYSWIM.

Or you could sew a piece of lace across the V.

MrsBadger · 10/06/2006 17:38

Primark - they're all tagged as 'belts' but make great scarves. £1 a pop - I have a white silky one with multicoloured polkadots and a cream/brown/tan striped chiffon one.

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