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So - who sells good T-shirts ?

9 replies

Norah · 08/06/2006 22:09

Am fed up with rubbishy T-shirts - and I need a navy one and a purple one - pref scoop neck - although V neck OK too.

Ideally online ?

Boden have some - but kind of reluctant to pay nineteen squid for a basic T shirt !

Thanks !

OP posts:
zoeuk1 · 08/06/2006 22:38

matalan. they have got loads. all different colours and styles and really really cheap.

oxocube · 10/06/2006 08:38

Esprit? Maybe same problem as Boden though

Cod · 10/06/2006 13:46

got good ones from shite stuff
( i am getting muddle ages)
next do super cheap ones htat tumble ok but get t a size up ime

Cod · 10/06/2006 13:46

arf! WHuite stuff

Norah · 10/06/2006 13:58

Oooh Ta ! Will go and look now !

OP posts:
SoupDragon · 10/06/2006 14:16

Got some nice vest tops from Uni Qlo yestrday. They had T shirts of all descriptions too.

SoupDragon · 10/06/2006 14:17

don't know if they'r online though

SHHHH · 10/06/2006 14:53

m&s are good quality...I have got some from them recently in all sorts of colours and from as little as £6..

TwinsetandPearls · 10/06/2006 16:12

the best I have found are petit bateau but they are not much less about £13.

I woudl probably say after that Gap, the last marks top I bought for dd shrunk in the wash which has put me off.

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