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I'm 32 - can i get away with wearing a wide alice band type thing for a wedding?

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Mandymoo · 31/05/2006 12:05

Im growing out a short style so my hair is in a nothing style at the moment (its naturally curly) and is about chin length. I have a wedding this weekend but dont want to have to have my hair done as i really want to grow it long - can i get away with wearing one of these wide alice bands that are in fashion atm? Or am i too old and should know better?????

OP posts:
madmarchhare · 31/05/2006 12:06

What about going to the hairdressers to get it styled?

Mandymoo · 31/05/2006 12:08

Wedding is in a hotel which is 300 miles away. I have dd, 3.5 and 3 week old so no chance of really getting to a hairdressers on the morning of the wedding iyswim - i really want to look nice but my hair just lets me down!

OP posts:
MrsBadgerAvecUneVoiture · 31/05/2006 12:11

Try on the whole ensemble and see - if flowery dress, alice band may push it too far into Cutesy, if twinsetty, too Sloane, but if sophisticated/sexy/elegant etc you may pull it off.
Try a scarf worn as a hairband too - def more grown up. Or a fascinator thing on a comb.

If you do go for the band, just check the little bridesmaids aren't wearing them too...

madmarchhare · 31/05/2006 12:14

Could you go beforehand and then do it yourself on the day?

Agree that you should try it on all together though. Its not necessarily youre age, its what it look like really.

MamaG · 31/05/2006 12:16

I'm 31 and wear scarves-like-a-headband when i can't be bothered to do my hair properly Blush

Agree that age isnt a problem!

What is your outfit like?

Caligula · 31/05/2006 12:21

Is it legal to wear alice bands nowadays?

I thought they'd introduced a fixed on the spot fine?

Mandymoo · 31/05/2006 12:34

Wide leg trousers / lilac empire line smock top / smart cardigan (bearing in mind i had a baby 3 weeks ago there aint alot i can wear atm!!)

OP posts:
MamaG · 31/05/2006 12:35

I think a scarf would look nice with that

MrsBadgerAvecUneVoiture · 31/05/2006 12:59

scarf sounds good with that outfit- maybe treat yourself to a really nice one as you'll be able to wear it for ages regardless of post-baby shape changes - \link{\Accesorize} have some stunners at the mo.

megans · 31/05/2006 13:44

Do you all get Avon Brouchures through your doors
If you dont i will make sure you do.

TheHonArfy · 31/05/2006 13:46

so long as you wear something else with it fnar fnar

I don't see why not though- rather depends on your hairstyle though really. sounds like it might work with yours

TheLadyVanishes · 31/05/2006 17:52

why not, i'm 34 and wear a black one Grin

handlemecarefully · 31/05/2006 17:55

Maybe you should be really bold and take a digital photo of yourself wearing said Alice band and post it on here under member profiles; so that we can give you a verdict. Go on!!

zoeuk1 · 31/05/2006 18:09

you're not too old at all! if you think one looks ok and are happy with it then wear it. a thinner scarf may look good too tied and left hanging long at the back/over shoulder iyswim!

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