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*******BLOSSOMHILL******** I bought one of those tanning mits from Body Shop today (only 1 left!) Any tips on using it???

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puff · 16/05/2006 21:58

Thought it sounded good when you mentioned it.

Am a self tanning virgin, so any advice gratefully received.

I've got a cream/lotion from Elemis I want to try (apparently gives v light coverage - good as I'm v pale and don't want to shock people).

If successful I hope to graduate to a Loreal bronzing gel I've bought, but not sure if gel will work with the mit.

Do you exfoliate and moisturise for a couple of days before?

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puff · 16/05/2006 23:18


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Blossomhill · 17/05/2006 13:56

Hi Puff :)

Well I exfoliate (don't moisturise) and then apply the spray, cream, foam or whatever i am using depending on part of the body Grin

What I do is get the mitt and stroke from say toes to knee until I have done whole leg. Just making sure it's even. I hope that explains it. If not please ask again. Oh and I wash the mitt quite a bit as can get greasy after use.

puff · 17/05/2006 14:19

I tried it last night bh and I am really pleased with the result - it all looks much more even than when I had a guinot tan (expensive) at a salon last year.

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Blossomhill · 17/05/2006 14:35

Wow, well done Grin

I am just trying to work out how to put on my new spray tan as the colour is just what I want. It keeps going streaky and I am not sure if it's because I don't put enough on. Trial and error I think!

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