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what;s the best item of clothing you have bought this year

8 replies

bagpussmice · 16/05/2006 19:12

mine is an aubergine colour cardi with lace trim from Jigsaw, it was quite expensive (for me!) but I wear it all the time.

OP posts:
Pinotmum · 16/05/2006 19:17

A Nicole Fahri white linen shirt. It just goes with so much and can be dressed up or down.

hana · 16/05/2006 19:18

sady is maternity vest tops with built in bra - am wearing them every day . v long to hide those few inches of skin between top of hipster mat jeans and bottom of tshrits!

spidermama · 16/05/2006 19:25

A Nicole Fahri three quarter length camel cardi. It's great.

I've also got a lovely pair of F me sandals which worked rather well about an hour ago as the kids drew pictures downstairs. I only have to put them on and my wish is his command. Wink

HarrietSchulenberg · 16/05/2006 19:26

Red linen calf length skirt with frill at hem from (ssshh) Asda.
I like it so much that I'm going to buy another one, and as it only costs a tenner I think it's well worth it.

satine · 16/05/2006 19:31

I've just bought a couple of long T shirts from Dorothy Perkins - their Tall range is brill for them as you can avoid showing the dreaded muffin top, as hana says!

LilacBump · 16/05/2006 19:33

bump bands from topshop. keeps my maternity trousers up and i could still wear normal tops for a long while instead of having to buy maternity ones.

bakedpotato · 16/05/2006 19:41

Boxy Sixties-y jacket in pink/brown tweed from Whistles, which I'll wear forever
I just bought cropped black trousers from Uniqlo for £14.99 which I also feel deeply satisfied with

saffy202 · 16/05/2006 20:37

Have just discovered Zara and have bought a white bandeau top with a big bow at the back, also a pair of red and white striped flat open-toed shoes with a red bow on. Never had the chance to wear them yet but I like just looking at them:)

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