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I need help

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Spagblog · 15/05/2006 18:37

I have some birthday money to spend on clothes and having looked around the shops, can't decide what to buy.
I don't have much - £130 and it needs to go quite far iyswim.
I am baffled by the new fashions and am scared that I'll turn into BHS woman in a knee jerk reaction.

What's nice and slimming, and won't go out of fashion in a month?

OP posts:
Crystaltips · 15/05/2006 18:42

Linen !

tracyk · 15/05/2006 18:43

Is this for hot summer wear? worky or casual? fashion or classy etc etc? I like wide linen tousers in a variety of colours as they can be dressed up or down with diff sandals and tops and jewellery.

charmkin · 15/05/2006 18:44

but don't linen trousers crease? And how do you manage the non stretchyness of the fabric on a fat day?

Filyjonk · 15/05/2006 18:47

well i like wide linen trousers from primark. they're about £9.

i like black for longevity. trinny and susannah can bog off, it is slimming and looks good.

Filyjonk · 15/05/2006 18:47

well they are cool and loose so stretchyness not an issue.

they do crease, thats part of the look.

tracyk · 15/05/2006 22:15

if they are loose enough they don't crease as much and also go for a linen blend. Next do good ones in many colours.

Spagblog · 16/05/2006 06:33

I don't work, but tend to look scruffy so anything fussy or crumpled like linen is out!
What length should I get? I am confused with 3/4 length, skinny shorts, city shorts etc

OP posts:
tracyk · 16/05/2006 09:21

Get a couple of mags or go to your nearest big shopping centre and people watch for a few hours - to see what kind of things other people are wearing and what you like.

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