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WARNING - suede wedges

22 replies

MrsBadger · 10/05/2006 11:21

If anyone else is lusting after the \link{\suede wedges} currently in the window of Hobbs at £110, Clarks have an almost identical pair that are much comfier at £40.

This has been a public service announcement, thank you for listening.

OP posts:
supakids · 10/05/2006 11:27

saw some in shoe save today! took me back to my school days in the 70's. I see the canvas wedges are back too.

quanglewangle · 10/05/2006 11:31

OOh, I do love them.
Would I be mutton though? How young do you have to be to wear them do you think? Or are they ageless? Hope so, might get some.

supakids · 10/05/2006 11:33

I think they are very flattering on any shape or size of foot. I think as long as the platform on the sole is no more than 1/4 inch skys the limit. er well not 60 year olds!

quanglewangle · 10/05/2006 11:35

I am 52 but look younger from behind!!
Still slim but I may not look as young as I like to think I do.

MrsBadger · 10/05/2006 11:50

I think they're ageless - go for it quangle!

OP posts:
Twinkie1 · 10/05/2006 11:51

Really find platform soles offensive for some reason so no I don;t like them!!!!

quanglewangle · 10/05/2006 11:52

Thankyou, I will Grin

supakids · 10/05/2006 12:03

offensive Twinkie? can you expand on that, hang on I will just put my white coat on and my spectacles Grin

Kelly1978 · 10/05/2006 12:04

wht do u wear them with tho? I had soemthign liek that in black once, I threw them int he end, as I never wore them.

Twinkie1 · 10/05/2006 12:05

Don;t know just really offenive - the way I find siomon cowell in cuban heels offensive - I mean he would have to take them off before shagging me!!!!

bummer · 10/05/2006 12:05

thank you so much MrsBadger don't care if I'm too old for them!

lucykate · 10/05/2006 12:06

wedge heals offensive???,

i have a pair of suede wedges and when i wear them, dh says they make him feel.........................horny Blush.

supakids · 10/05/2006 12:07

mmm can understand the simon cowell cuban heel thing. Kelly you wear with a line skirts generally. If you get the wedges with the lace up the legs known as espadrilles, you can wear them with rolled up jeans or a line skirts or a gypsy skirt.

Kelly1978 · 10/05/2006 12:11

Hmm, I have never dared try an a line skirt. I'm pear shaped and imagine I would look like a tent. If I wear skirts they are down to my ankles.

MrsBadger · 10/05/2006 12:15

Am planning on wearing my \link{*Rt4BRc5ovjS3g4R4gfxceh8Kq303q3r94!V5tVbTlckEJiDX7VAgFJCrMIELiYOXKawZov51p8NeKUAmArAYTOtlZ44gYXTnGUuhCTN6xx4FHlQtuYcLLQ!znscQclac3U/Hilary%20wedge.tiff?dc=4675571928951826313\bargain Clarks ones} all summer with skirts and linen trousers - ie all the times everyone else is wearing sandals but work won't let me (grr Health & Safety). Also because I can't wear ballet pumps without looking like I have fat ankles and kippers for feet - these are much more elegant because of the heel.

Think light-coloured ones are more useful than black as they look better with bare legs - black look weird if you wear tights and weirder if you don't!

OP posts:
Hausfrau · 10/05/2006 12:24

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

quanglewangle · 10/05/2006 12:27

Very, very nice. May have to buy a skirt though, I don't usually do skirts.

Earlybird · 10/05/2006 12:54

I think the suede wedges are nice, but in such a light colour aren't they completely impractical? I think they might look filthy rather quickly after a few outings....especially if you're unlucky enough to get caught in the rain....Is there any way to avoid that? If so, I might consider them more seriously.

SueW · 10/05/2006 13:15

I bought \link{} these in a creamy colour from M&S at the weekend when I was too uncomfortable in the shoes I had worn into town to continue shopping that I had to buy new ones Blush Grin

They are so comfortable and solve the problem of what to wear with my cream/brown/orange linen skirt. :)

SueW · 10/05/2006 13:16


MrsBadger · 10/05/2006 13:16

'scotchguard suede protector' or some such - spray on and it makes them more dirt and water resistant - not perfect but better than nothing. They always try and sell you a can in Clarks when you buy suede shoes.

This is also the reason I got the brown and cork ones rather than the cream ones where the whole heel is suede!

OP posts:
MrsBadger · 10/05/2006 13:18

ooh, Sue, they're nice
in fact, they're just what I'd get if I could have open toes and don't lose mules when running for buses!

OP posts:
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