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Would you pay £89 for flip flops?

23 replies

Northerner · 07/05/2006 11:50

\link{\the brown ones}


I know someone who has and personally I think she's mad. £89 for flip flops Jeez.....

Am I out of touch?

OP posts:
Caligula · 07/05/2006 11:51

If I was fabulously rich and I loved them and they were really comfortable yes.

As I'm not, er, no!

Nbg · 07/05/2006 11:54

When I think of flip flops, I imagine the foam things you can buy at the beach.

Those are sandals to me.

If I had a bit of cash to throw about then I probably would.

Don't like the brown ones. I like the white with the different colour bits on.

expatinscotland · 07/05/2006 11:55

No. I HATE flip flops.

ssd · 07/05/2006 12:11

I wouldn't and couldn't Wink, but if I had the cash and really wanted them I would.

ssd · 07/05/2006 12:14

oh, just seen they are Russell and Bromley. Used to work in the Kings Rd branch in 1988 and was amazed then at the 15 yr old girls buying £55 shoes for school. Suppose there will always be people with lots of money to spend! (wish I was one of them!!).

Bozza · 07/05/2006 13:42


Blackduck · 07/05/2006 13:45

No - even if I had the money...

sparkler1 · 07/05/2006 13:46

No chance. I was looking at a pait in JJB Sports yesterday. Reebok flip flops. They were really comfortable and cost £6.99. I couldn't justify paying that! Grin

GDG · 07/05/2006 13:51

No - I hate those toe post ones too - how uncomfortable can you get! Torture!

BettySpaghetti · 07/05/2006 13:53

I've just put some flip-flops on ebay (bought them last year and never wore them) -wonder if they'll reach £89 !? Wink

mrsbang · 07/05/2006 13:53

Each to their own, but, erm, no.

KBear · 07/05/2006 14:15

I'm a £3 in Primark kinda gal! If they were guaranteed for 25 years I might!

charliecat · 07/05/2006 14:20

\link{\no, but did pay 20 quid for these as they are so so so so comfy and I figured it was worth it as 4 uncomfy £5 quid pairs that I cant wear is the same price}

april74 · 07/05/2006 14:44

They are nice, but I'd probably go £10 for a fair like that not £90.

TinyGang · 07/05/2006 14:48

Ah, KBear you talk my kinda language Grin

Pollyanna · 07/05/2006 14:53

But those aren't really flip-flops are they? I would class them more as sandals and would pay more than £10 for those (but not £89).

vickiyumyum · 07/05/2006 15:26

they are really nice, but they are nearly the same as the ones i brought in tesco last year for £12!!! if they weren't so filthy and embarrasing i would take a picture to post so you could see how similar they are Blush

KBear · 07/05/2006 15:53

Thing is, I like having a few pairs of sandals and flip flops so paying too much for a pair makes that impossible for me. I swear by my £40 Hush Puppies sandals (my old groovers as I call them) that aren't fashionable I don't suppose but I can't do hurty feet in summer!

Blandmum · 07/05/2006 16:26

No, that is an insane price!

Plus I can't wear things with straps between my toes, they rub and give me blisters.

notasheep · 07/05/2006 16:27

dds were £1

stitch · 07/05/2006 17:11

i have the ones in brown. and yes, i paid that price for them andi am not fabulously rich with money to throw around.
i bought them because i needed something i could wear to parties, weddings that were coming up. all my dressy shoes that i had were high heels, and as i had recently damaged my knee very badly, i couldnt wear them. so i needed a pair of shoes/sandals that looked good and were comfy and dressy. almost an impossible combination to find. dolci's had something for 29.99 that i actually bought, but then saw these, and they are sooooo comfortable. i returned the dolcis ones, and have definitly got my money's worth out of them
my knee is fine now, and i can wear high heels again, but i still wear these al ot.

beansontoast · 07/05/2006 20:42

i did sort of...but they were reduced to 40 in th e sale..but i know i would have bought them full price !they were from camper at least four years ago and they were blimmin gorgeous (a different flower on each foot),perfectly comfortable ansd i still wear them (well of course i do they wwere 40 quid)

PanicPants · 07/05/2006 20:48

No I wouldn't but have paid £35 for similair sandels and told dp they were in a sale!

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