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Breaking in shoes - HELP!

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expatinscotland · 27/04/2006 20:16

My mum sent me some very cute Aerosoles ballet pumps - black leather w/white stitching. They're the right size, but the heels and the rounded bit at the top of one side of my foot HURT!

I've tried wearing them round the flat w/trouser sox on.

What am I doing wrong?

Is there hope for these shoes - which would look lovely w/linen trousers?

OP posts:
Smurfgirl · 27/04/2006 20:22

I am ballet pump queen. Mine ALL hurt when I first wear them, it is worth percievering.

Also blister plasters are AMAZING they stop the shoes rubbing or hurting. And they are see through so no pain etc!

Oh and I wear socks and ballet pumps all the time, everyone else I know does so if push comes to shove wear them with socks?

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