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What do you think of these jeans?

38 replies

oliveoil · 26/04/2006 13:11

\link{\am I going to be mutton?}

OP posts:
compo · 26/04/2006 13:12

£115 Shock
Sorry can't get beyond the price!!

GDG · 26/04/2006 13:13

Quite like for summer, but I wouldn't pay that for jeans either. Am converted to GAP now.

starlover · 26/04/2006 13:14

wouldn't pay it either... can get similar stuff much cheaper elsewhere

oliveoil · 26/04/2006 13:14

yes yes but I like the buttons

OP posts:
JoolsToo · 26/04/2006 13:14

sorry don't like the pockets - they look good from the front though.

Are you tall? I think this style only looks good on tall women

Earlybird · 26/04/2006 13:15

Nice, but price awfully high for such casual jeans. Though I suppose if you intend on wearing them alot, the price per wear could make the cost seem more reasonable.

compo · 26/04/2006 13:15

okay buy cheaper pair, similar buttons and sew on!!

Lucycat · 26/04/2006 13:15

In answer to your question oo, no you won't be mutton! just look elsewhere for cheaper ones - then let us all know where you find them!

oliveoil · 26/04/2006 13:17

I live in jeans so am trying to justify the price per wear thing

Am tall


OP posts:
Feistybird · 26/04/2006 13:24

They're nice.

But £115 quid and they're not even full length??

Have you bumped your head?

welshboris · 26/04/2006 13:26

Theyre lovely OO, great for summer with sandals

Go for it

Northerner · 26/04/2006 13:26

I like them. You would not be mutton.

Tres expensive though. TK Maxx do Miss sixty.

Earlybird · 26/04/2006 13:30

Here's another question - are they so trendy that they'll look "last season" pretty quickly? Have you got an older pair of jeans you could turn up yourself and get the same look? I'm not handy/resourceful like that myself, but some people are....Blush

anniemac · 26/04/2006 13:36

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

oliveoil · 26/04/2006 13:39

I am around a 10/12 so bum not too large

We have a new TopShop store that has just opened and I went in on Sunday but dd1 was whining so I am hopefully going back this weekend on my own (bliss) to have a proper look.

I like ordering from the catalogue as it seems as if you are not spending.......

OP posts:
anniemac · 26/04/2006 13:43

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tipex · 26/04/2006 13:45

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

shazronnie · 26/04/2006 13:57

£15 worth of jeans and £100 worth of look at me I'm wearing a label

NomDePlume · 26/04/2006 13:58

Rip off.

oliveoil · 26/04/2006 13:59

well I like them so you can all f right off

OP posts:
Lucycat · 26/04/2006 14:09

Go into Top Shop and find some for a fraction of the price? It's brill btw, spent a fortune in there last Friday!

oliveoil · 26/04/2006 14:11

the new revamped one in Manchester?

I got to the ground floor and dd1 was whining about going home so I gave up, pesky brat.

OP posts:
cupcakes · 26/04/2006 14:15

I think they are alright but they don't look like they cost £115. The pockets look a bit cheap to me.

Lucycat · 26/04/2006 14:15

Yes! got completely lost, I was meant to be meeting dh next to the wheel and ended up in the Arndale side!

In fact I need another visit now I've worked out where everything is! Grin

saffy202 · 26/04/2006 14:21

If you must have them you can get them for £99.00 from LXdirect and there is a voucher code kicking about online for £15 off your first order so you could get them for £84.00 :)

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