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Beach Bags

21 replies

Esmummy · 25/04/2006 16:31

Am going on a girlie weekend in June to Barcelona and have been looking for both a beach bag and a nice bag to take to the airport for passport/money etc.
Any ideas would be welcome, since having DD all my bags seem to be more like suitcases so not really appropriate.

OP posts:
SoupDragon · 25/04/2006 17:19

No idea but bumping the thread :)

Esmummy · 25/04/2006 17:59

Thanks Soupy. Anyone ?

OP posts:
Cadbury · 25/04/2006 18:00

Primark often do good beach bags.

cod · 25/04/2006 18:00

\link{\what abotu an ollie and nice} i saw a copey in tk maxx on monday

cod · 25/04/2006 18:01

\link{\top left}

cod · 25/04/2006 18:02

\link{\multi tasking}

Esmummy · 25/04/2006 18:04

Love all of those Cod, especially the bright Ollie & Nic. I can get a budget version in TK Maxx yes ? Not sure i can stretch to £90, thetrip is costing enough anyway.

OP posts:
cod · 25/04/2006 18:05

i saw some luggage that was vert similar for 24 99

cod · 25/04/2006 18:05

harpsy had an ollieand nic bag

Esmummy · 25/04/2006 18:07

Fab, will have a to take a trip to TK Maxx. Will also give Primark a try, haven't been for ages so must be some bargains to be had

OP posts:
sammac · 25/04/2006 18:07

I got an Ollie & Nic bag last month in TK Maxx for about £16. Not quite as big, but I used it as my plane bag a couple of months ago, holds loads.

cod · 25/04/2006 18:08

aha well there youa re then

Esmummy · 25/04/2006 18:09

Great Sammac, thanks. Can't get there til Friday though, think they will still have them?

OP posts:
sammac · 25/04/2006 18:12

Got mine the day school stopped, so about 2 weeks before Easter.It's pink and could easily hold magazine/book/camera/assorted rubbish. Has zipped section so purse is safe.Meant to say used it a couple of weeks ago not months( didn't know it was a decent make so am well chuffed :))

Esmummy · 25/04/2006 18:13

BEt you can't order from their website can you?

OP posts:
Esmummy · 25/04/2006 18:22

\link{\Do you like}

OP posts:
cod · 25/04/2006 18:33

yes nit cloour wrongg for summer?

\link{\i liek thsi}

Esmummy · 25/04/2006 18:54

Yeah like it cod but is a bit in between, too big for plane bag but to small for beach bag me thinks.

OP posts:
cod · 27/04/2006 11:00


Esmummy · 27/04/2006 11:17

Don't fret pet. Not managed to get out to get one yet, have found a few i like in ebay etc but would rather buy it myself i think. Am going shopping tomorrow so will report back.

OP posts:
JonesTheSteam · 27/04/2006 12:59

Loads of lovely ones in Primark over the weekend - £3 each.

Lovely bright colours - really fancied a bright turquoise one, but alas, can't justify it as am not going anywhere near a beach this year!!! Sad

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