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Outfit for a May Wedding?

15 replies

Gillian76 · 05/04/2006 22:16

OK I just know I am going to regret this but I need some help to choose an outfit for my cousin's wedding in May.

Am a size 20 Blush and I know I should lose weight, but only have 4 weeks! am quite hippy, fat thighs, but smaller up top with an OK cleavage.

Tried on a couple of dresses this evening but just got depressed. :(

Is a dress necessary for a wedding? Could I wear trousers or a skirt? Sorry to sound thick but haven't been to a wedding since my own 7 years ago!

Help, please!

OP posts:
mazzystar · 05/04/2006 22:23

principles have pretty separates going up to size 20.

depends on venue a bit. is it city or country?

Gillian76 · 05/04/2006 22:24

Town rather than city. Definitely not country.

OP posts:
mazzystar · 05/04/2006 22:29

\link{\do you like this sort of thing?}

Gillian76 · 05/04/2006 22:34

Nice collection mazzystar. Did you think of anything in particular?

Not sure whether to go trousers or skirt. Am more comfortable in trousers, but is a skirt nicer for a wedding?

OP posts:
mazzystar · 05/04/2006 22:36

I liked the skirts and jackets, good for curves i thought. and the colours. i don't really wear trousers myself, but think they can look great for a wedding. but definitely not a white trouser suit!

mazzystar · 05/04/2006 22:37

unless look like bianca jagger

MeggLeVache · 05/04/2006 22:37

I'm not a skinny and pregnant (although not very)
I'm going to a wedding in May and I'll be wearing white linen trousers with a long fitted red linen tunic with a matching hip tie.

Will try to accessorize to glam it up.

I like the priciples stuff. What about using a personal shopper in Debenhams or Monsoon (I had a teeny little size 8 assistant help me a few months ago and she was wonderful) I really did think I'd feel intimidated but it was a great experience.

Gillian76 · 05/04/2006 22:41

Actually my sister is quite good at forcing me to try things on. I might enlist her as a personal shopper.

The dresses I tried were in Monsoon and I liked the style of the \link{\manhattan spot dress on the casual dresses page} but not the pattern!

OP posts:
Gillian76 · 05/04/2006 22:42

link doesn't work \link{\here}

OP posts:
MeggLeVache · 05/04/2006 22:49

OOOh very posh. Yes take your sis with you.

Gillian76 · 06/04/2006 11:51

What about \link{\Akula Print Silk Georgette Kaftan}?

Go to tops then tunics and kaftans.

With linen trousers perhaps?

OP posts:
mazzystar · 06/04/2006 14:18

that looks gorgeous, lovley colour and flattering.
with linen trousers and heels or wedges

Gillian76 · 06/04/2006 15:52

Back to Monsoon, then... :)

OP posts:
Gillian76 · 07/04/2006 13:42

OK so I got the black Daffodil Summer Dress from Monsoon. (Can't link straight to it) Sis says it's flattering.

Was thinking about teaming up with silver or pale blue. Am considering \link{\this cardigan from M&S}


\link{\this from Principles}

Any opinions?

OP posts:
mazzystar · 07/04/2006 15:32

the dress is really pretty.

how are your arms?

i'd go for the wrappy M&S one. you'd get more wear out of it afterwards. what shoes?

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